5 Best LED Lights For Game Room and Buying Guide

Having the best LED lights for game room can help to transform your gaming experience too. It is why people often have these lights set up not only in their game rooms, but also other rooms in the house. If you are going to pick the best LED lights, make sure that they live up to your needs.

We recommend that you go through this guide to learn more about the best LED lights for game room and which ones to choose. Remember, there are multiple options in terms of LED lights, but not all of them offer the best quality. From this guide, you will learn about the best options available.

Govee 65.6ft
LED Strip Lights
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Inscrok 65.5ft LED Strip Lights
Ultra Color Changing Light Strip
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Miheal LED Light Strip
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EURPMASK Star Projector
LED Nebula Cloud for Game Rooms
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Superlighting LED Complete 66.6ft.
Music Color Chasing LED Strip Light Kit
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How to Choose the Best LED Lights for Game Room

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The materials used to make the LED lights can go a long way to determine the quality and durability. You need to look at the product specifications to learn more about the quality of the product you are about to buy.

It is common right now to get cheap LED light strips. However, they tend to be of low quality. You will notice this once you have set them up and the brightness or durability is not the best.


The length can determine just how much of the room can be covered in the LED light. For most people, they would want to adequately cover their gaming room with LED lights. Look for a light strip with a longer length so that it is easier to cover a wider area. The same lights can be used in other rooms if there are leftovers.

Most of the lights covered in this guide have a length of 65.5 ft. Such a length should be good enough for different people who want the best illumination.


The various modes that come with LED lights can play an important role in its versatility. Depending on the light type, some can even have up to 20 modes to choose from. It is always good to have more modes so that you can change them depending on your needs and mood.


The brightness adjustability is a nice consideration for anyone who is looking for LED lights for a game room. The best LED lights for game room should allow for a wide range of brightness. Luckily, that is what you will get with most models. It is worth going for a unit with multiple brightness modes.

Smart controllers

The smart controllers are now common in new LED light strips. These allow you to control the lights through your smartphone. It should be nice to change the colors or brightness from your phone. It is not a must-have feature, but it would be nice to get a unit with such a feature.

Ease of setting up

Setting up the LED lights is crucial for anyone looking for the best LED lights for game room. Take the time to check out the various set up procedures of different lights. If you get a light that is easy to set up, you can have lights up and running in a few minutes.

Top 5 Best LED Lights for Game Room

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Govee 65.6ft LED Strip Lights

Product Name: Govee 65.6ft LED Strip Lights

Product Description: For those who want to set up their game rooms better, this is a nice choice for them to consider. Being 65.5ft in length makes it one of the best to cover the whole room. You can set it up in a way that presents the best illumination for the whole room. The cuttable design also allows for you to adjust the length of your LED strip to how you want. As such, it can also be perfect for living room, bedroom, cupboard, and stairs. Most people will like using these lights because of the vibrant RGB colors. There are 20 multiple colors to choose from once the LED lights are on. Also, the controller offers 9 vivid lighting modes. Such modes include jump, fade, flash, and many more. Having the several brightness levels should make it one of the top choices for many. You can always adjust the bright needs depending on your needs. As for the setup process, the LEDs can be up and ready for use in a short time. They have the 3M adhesives that make setting it up easier than before. The lights also come with a 360-degree receiving controller. The result is that you will end up with an easy time controlling the lights in comparison to other models.

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  • Brightness
  • Easy to install
  • Quality
  • Modes


If you are in the market for high quality LED light strips, you should consider checking this option. The lights have an impressive brightness adjustability. Also, they offer multiple color options. You can now use these lights to brighten your room and set up the right mood.


✔️There are several color modes available

✔️You can easily adjust the brightness

✔️The lights are easy to set up


❌The controller does not have the best range

Runner’s Up

Inscrok 65.5ft LED Strip Lights Ultra Color Changing Light Strip

This is the kit that you want when setting up your game room. To be the best LED lights for game room, we found it having an impressive length. This is good for those who might be looking to cover a larger area. Considering it is 65.5ft. It should be long enough for a large game room.

The light strip is also good for syncing with the music. This is a nice feature that will make the lights good for the game room. You can set them up close to the TV or speakers so that their lighting is synced to the beats you hear from the music.

The model also stands out for having a 40-key controller. This type of controller is important for you to personalize the light settings. It is easy for you to adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%. You will also like it for having several show patterns. Such include flashing, strobe, fade, and more.

You will enjoy having the light changing modes turned on. This means that you can relax and game while the lights change after a preset time. With the memory function, it should be easy to have customized settings set up in the LED strip light.

The light is also one of the most affordable for high quality lights. These are lights that can last you for a long time to come without worrying about replacing them.

  • Setting up is easy
  • Comes with multiple light modes
  • Can be synced to music
  • The adhesive is not the strongest

Miheal LED Light Strip with Wi-Fi Wireless Connect

This is another top choice as the best LED lights for game room. It comes with a UL certification, making is safe and good for your home or game room. With its length of 65.5ft., it should be good enough to cover the entire room. The same can be used for other rooms in the house such as the bedroom, living room, and more.

The light is good with its multi-color changing LED strip. It can be nice to know that it is possible to change the color whenever you want. As such, you customize it to suite your gaming mood while enjoying a game in the room.

The adhesive is also good to hold the lights in place for years. This adhesive is also high temperature resistant. We know that the LEDs can generate heat if they are left on for too long. However, the adhesive will still hold them in place.

Having a wireless controller makes it stand out better than what you get with other models. This controller allows you to manage the lights from your smartphone. It should be better for you to have a good time playing around with the lights this time with your phone. It also has a remote control to do the same job.

The brightness can also be varied. So, depending on the gaming mood that you want to achieve, you can have these LED lights at the right brightness and color.

  • It comes with an impressive adhesive
  • The smart controller makes it easy to use with a phone
  • The model has multiple brightness settings
  • Their smartphone app could use more features

EURPMASK Star Projector LED Nebula Cloud for Game Rooms

It does not always have to be LED light strips as an LED projector can also be good for your game room. Once it is correctly set up, it will project a galaxy green pattern with stars in your game room. It is always nice to have something different other than the strips.

To make it the best LED lights for game room, it comes with a rotating mechanism. The speed of the rotation can also be configured. As such, you end up with a highly dynamic light projector. Considering that it is loaded with 10 color options, it is also good for you to pick the right color you want at the time.

The remote control gives you all the options for controlling the various aspects of the light projector. Since it allows for syncing to music, it should be nice to see how the lights play along with the beats.

There are many other things you adjust which include the brightness, the sound motion, timer option, and more. Once you get the model, it is when you can fully understand what more it can do for you.

Other than being a light, it also comes with a built-in music speaker and a USB slot. You can connect the different media players to enjoy listening to music while at the same time view the amazing galaxy light output.

  • It is easy to set up
  • The remote control allows for ease of operating the light
  • It comes with a built-in music player
  • The build quality could be better

Superlighting LED Complete 66.6ft. Music Color Chasing LED Strip Light Kit

This is another ideal choice for those who want the best LED lights for a game room. You will like it for having a length of up to 66.6ft. This type of length is good for covering your whole game room for the best effect. Also, it does come with clear cut points so that you do not end up messing it up while mounting.

The lights have the beat chasing feature. As such, you can easily set them up with your music output to enjoy a nice show. There are 48 kinds of music effects built into the light strip to make it even better. It has so much versatility for any gamer to enjoy.

The model also allows for smartphone control. You simply have to get the app as directed by the manufacturer. From the app, there are so many things that you can control. Having the memory function also makes it ideal to store your presets so that it is easier to run the lights with your settings as before.

These lights are waterproof, making them ideal for various applications. You can have them set up in different rooms so that you enjoy the output even better. Because of its waterproof feature, we also find it ideal for outdoor use.

  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Offers an impressive versatility
  • The LED lights are easily adjustable for brightness and colors
  • The adhesive is not the best


Are LED lights good for game rooms?

Yes. The LED lights can help to set the mood just right for gaming. These are many who find it calming to have LEDs in their game rooms.

Are LED lights for game rooms expensive?

It depends on various factors, but the majority of the LED lights are within the affordable range.

What are some new trends in LED lights for game rooms?

There are some LED lights that now come with smart controllers. These are controllers that allow for smartphones to control the lights.

Final Thoughts

The best LED lights for game room can revolutionize how you enjoy gaming on overall. These are those who find them to be ideal for many other rooms other than gaming. Considering you can have multiple modes, then they should be ideal for you to enjoy using. If there is a model that you feel was ideal for you from the list above, then go ahead and get one for yourself to enjoy gaming even better.