5 Best Game Tables for Rec Room – Exciting Options HERE!

Are you putting up a game room? It wouldn’t be complete without the best game table for rec room. Game tables become the center of attraction of any game room. You must choose one with games and features that will appeal to your guest, kids, and the entire family. Nowadays, you can find swivel types, multi-game tables, and more. What matters is that you choose the game table that you will enjoy playing.

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In this post, we reviewed five of the best-selling and highly-rated game tables in the market. Also, we will help you select the best game table through our comprehensive buying guide. 

What are game tables?

A game table is designed for recreational purposes and usually comes with various games in it. Aside from that, it could have various counters, needles, painted moving objects, and other tiny details. 

Depending on what you choose, game tables can be in the multi-game setup. This means that more than one game can be played on it. 

The most common game tables are for billiards and pool. But over the years, many table games have surfaced that caters across all ages. 

Types of game tables 

There are a lot of game tables in the market for almost any recreational game you can think of. There’s one for pool, billiards, card games, pinball, foosball, and so on. So if you’re planning to get one for your rec room, you have to be specific about what you want. The following are the three common categories of game tables:

*Single-game tables

Single-game tables are those built for a specific game only. Some of the good examples here are pinball and foosball tables. These two games usually come in a single game design due to the mechanical parts involved. Still, you can find one that’s constructed with other games but will usually be miniature versions only. 

*Convertible game tables 

Convertible game tables are usually in a flip-top style where you rotate the top of the table to access another game. It’s a versatile choice, especially if you can’t afford multiple game tables.

*Multi-game tables 

If you’re looking for the most versatile option, you should opt for multi-game tables. These are designed to have 3 or even 10 games inside. Usually, the games are stacked within the table. For example, the Best Choice Products game table we reviewed below has 10 games on it. It includes foosball, slide hockey, chess, checkers, pool, and more. It’s a great purchase for the kids and even adults who want variety in their rec room.

Reasons to buy a game table

Sure thing, you can get by without the best game table for rec room, but this game item would surely become a great addition to every playroom. So why should you buy a game table? The following are some of the reasons we swear by:

*It takes up less space

The common notion with game tables is that it’s too bulky. Although some are really large, it actually consumes less space in your rec room. 

Multi-game tables can host up to 10 games in just a single platform. That alone is a big space-saver because you no longer have to purchase another table for other games. 

*It’s more cost-efficient

Many multi-game tables are cheaper to buy than purchasing the games individually. The money you save from the game table can be used in adding more items in your rec room.

*It never grows old 

A game table will always attract players in your rec room. It’s a great boredom killer, especially if you’re hosting parties at home. Also, premium game tables become a collector’s item over the decades, which adds up to its value. 

Choosing the best game table for rec room 

When choosing the best game table for rec room, you have to set your expectations. This includes the games that you like, the dimensions of the table, and other details that will affect your purchasing decision. The following are some of the general guidelines we recommend: 

*Decide about the games you want to get

First of all, you should decide what games you want to see at the game table. Some opt for single-game tables with foosball, pinball, or air hockey. This is a good option if you already have other games and just looking for an accent table to add to your rec room. 

On the other hand, you can also get the best value from multi-game tables. It could be a combination of the following:

  • Foosball
  • Pinball
  • Billiards
  • Shuffleboard
  • Pool
  • Bowling
  • Chess
  • Cards
  • Backgammon
  • Slide hockey
  • and more!

If you can’t decide, you can get a game table with the most game combinations. This will offer versatility especially if your family members have different game preferences. 

*Always check the durability 

Next, always check the durability of the table. Regardless if it’s a combo or single game tables, the construction should always be solid. Walk away from wobbly options because this is only as good as its poor design. 

You can let a few pounds slip since the weight of the table could be due to the solid material used. Take note that some games can be pretty heated so the table should withstand force. 

*Check the dimensions

One of the most important things you should check is the dimensions of the game table. Always consider the space you have in your rec room in comparison to the game table you’re planning to buy.

A very large game table can easily cramp up a small rec room. In short, always mind the size so the game table will not consume too much space. 

*Consider the assembly requirements 

Most game tables have to be assembled at home. The likes of foosball can be pretty tricky so make sure that the game table comes with a detailed set of instructions. The last thing you want is to lose your mind over a misplaced screw or unfitting parts. 

*Look for leg levelers

As much as possible, look for leg levelers on the game table you’re purchasing. Expensive game tables usually come with this feature so you can set your table properly. Also, it’s possible that your rec room has an uneven surface and it’s a bummer if the game table will constantly tip to one side. 

Best Game Table for Rec Room – Top 5 Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: Tornado Foosball Table
best game table for rec room

Product Name: Tornado Foosball Table

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best game table for rec room, we recommend the Tornado Foosball Table. Sure, it’s only a single-game option, but it’s the perfect choice for avid foosball players. It has a commercial tournament quality and single-side ball return made to last for decades. The Tornado foosball table is made of natural solid wood handles as well as commercial-grade legs with levelers. Meanwhile, the playfield is made of ¾” laminate bearing the Tornado logo. Aside from that, the 1.5-inch thick cabinet has a black leather finish for a premium look. This foosball table is built on Richland Hills, Texas so rest assured that it comes with great quality.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Fun Level
  • Value for Money
  • Assembly


We also like the classic looking blonde and black goal counters as well as the patented counterbalanced foosball men. It has sharper corners as well as a better cross-section so you’ll have excellent ball control. 

Overall, this foosball table is 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. It weighs 255 pounds, which is a little cumbersome, but understandable due to the solid materials used.

This is a dream table of any foosball fan, but be warned about the assembly. If you’re planning to surprise the kids on a specific date, make sure that you start putting it together a few days before. Assembly is a pain but totally worth it once you’re playing it. 


Solid materials

Patented Tornado men

Comes with Leg levelers 


Assembly is challenging 


Warrior Table Soccer Foosball Table

best game table for rec room

If you don’t have the extra to afford the Tornado, the Warrior Foosball table is your next best option. It’s very easy to assemble that you can put everything together in under an hour. Still, the highlight of this foosball table is its pro-quality that contains counterbalanced foosball men for smoother shots.

Aside from that, the Warrior table has split bearings so you can make shots faster and smoother. The ball control on this table is unbeatable, which makes it an impeccable choice for your game room. Every avid foosball player will surely have fun with this Warrior table.

The construction of this table is solid that it’s recognized by ITSF and USTSF as an official tournament table. If you’re competing on foosball competitions, you definitely have to put this up on your rec room.

Aside from that, this foosball table comes with leg levelers made of a 5-inch rubber base as well as a locking nut to prevent unnecessary movement. We also like the rod guard system that prevents the bars from getting stuck and prevents hitting small kids from getting hit when they are viewing the game closely.

  • Arcade-style ball return
  • Tournament quality
  • Rod guard system
  • The ball on the package doesn’t move fast (just use a different one)

Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Game Table

best game table for rec room

If you’re looking for a multi-game table, you’ll never go wrong with the Best Choice Products Game Table. It comes with 10 games in one, including foosball, pool, hockey, chess, cards, shuffleboard, bowling, backgammon, table tennis, and checkers. 

This is a space-saving option, especially if you’re still setting up your small rec room from scratch. Instead of buying multiple tables, you can get loads of games in one. 

The Best Choice Products game table is made for the family so rest assured that everyone will have a good time with this game table. It’s a game room staple with its classic look and solid build. 

We also like that this game table stands solid on its non-slip footing. It doesn’t have any leg levelers, which is just a small issue that we can live with considering its affordable price. It’s also ASTM-certified so you’ll have peace of mind that its materials are safe for kids. 

Overall, this jam-packed game table is 48 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 30.5 inches tall. The dimensions will vary depending on the game you’re playing. Anyway, it only weighs 51 pounds, which is already light considering other cumbersome game tables we’ve seen. 

  • 10 games in one table
  • ASTM certified
  • Stable build
  • The assembly instructions are confusing

Sunnydaze 10-in-1 Multi-Game Table 

Another combo game table that we recommend is the one from Sunnydaze. It comes with 10 games namely bowling, backgammon, chess, checkers, cards, shuffleboard, table tennis, foosball pool, and slide hockey. It’s a fun-filled game table that kids and adults will enjoy.

This is the perfect choice for small rec rooms since it’s only 40 inches long, 22.5 inches wide, and 27.5 inches tall. Although smaller than other options, we like how solid and stable this game table is. So if you’re looking for a game table on a budget, this one should be included in your shortlist.

We also like how easy it is to assemble. You can put this together alone for around an hour. This is why the Sunnydaze game table is a great choice for a last-minute surprise for kids. Although it’s small, it remains a fun-size even for adults. We’re actually surprised that the foosball and pool setups are actually excellent even if it’s a miniature version. 

Unlike other combo game tables, this one from Sunnydaze isn’t cheaply made. It gives the best value for money for average rec rooms. It even comes with leveling feet which are quite rare for a game table of this price range. 

  • Contains 10 games
  • Leveling feet
  • Perfect for small rec rooms
  • The foosball is only a miniature version

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Game Table

Last but not the least, we recommend the Triumph 3-in-1 Game Table. This comes with a rotating tabletop so you can switch from one game to another. Overall, you can play three games on this large table: table tennis, air hockey, and billiards. 

The Triumph Game Table comes with a patented central air distribution that provides unhampered airflow on the table if you’re playing air hockey. You’ll enjoy each game with accurate shots.

Take note, though, that this game table is larger than other options. It’s 84 inches long, 44.5 inches wide, and 32 inches tall, which is suitable for a family with a large rec room. Aside from the table, it’s already complete with billiard balls, cues, table brush, chalks, pucks, pushers, paddles, balls, net, and more. 

This table is guaranteed to become a gaming hub in your home. The construction is very sturdy and can give more expensive options a run for its money. If there’s one gripe that we have, it would be the difficulty spinning the table. Anyway, once the kids get used to it, they can flip it on their own. 

Overall, this is a game table for the money. There are some minor issues, but it’s something we can forgive considering the quality of this game table. 

  • Solid build
  • A flip-top style for easy game switch
  • Perfectly even surface
  • Flipping takes practice to get used to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a game table cost?

A: The cost of a game table depends on the number of games in it, its durability, materials used, and overall quality. Although some game tables don’t come cheap, it’s always worth it to invest a few more bucks for a model that will last generations.

Q: Should I worry about the weight of the game table?

A: If you see yourself moving the game table around, then you really have to factor in the weight. Also, you should check the weight of the game table if your rec room is located on an elevated floor. Although rare, it may need additional floor support to prevent structural damage to your house. 

Q: What are the materials usually used on game tables?

A: Most high-quality tables are made mostly of premium wood. There are also plastic and metal additions as support or accessories for the game. Whatever the material is, always look for solid construction and excellent quality.

Q: How long does it take to assemble a game table?

A: This depends on the design and components of the game table. Expensive options with lots of bits and bobs will take more than a day to put together. Nevertheless, cheaper and smaller versions can be assembled for under an hour. 

Final words 

The best game table for rec room is one that you and your family will enjoy playing. Always check the quality, games, and durability of the game table you’re buying. Also, investing a few more dollars go a long way on this type of game item. Besides, a solid game table will be the highlight of your game room for years.