Best Selling Pinball Machines of All Time

Whether pinball is your favorite game ever since you were a kid or you are just starting to learn how the game works, pinball is making a resurgence in a huge way. No doubt why that is the case. In the present times where going digital is the new normal, pinball is a great way to take back the simple and traditional form of entertainment. Since we are on the subject of technology, it has paved the way for the advancement of pinball models. The best selling pinball machines of all time come in amazing features. These features make the game more enjoyable and memorable.

Looking for the perfect pinball to buy and take home is hard especially if it is your first time shopping for one. Pinball machines come in different types, features, and sizes. That being said, if you do not know that type of pinball machine you are looking for, it may take some time before you find a suitable model for you. Or worse case, you will end up wasting your money and regret it in the end.

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What Pinball Machine Must I Buy?

If you are a beginner when it comes to pinball, you must ask your self this, “What type of pinball machine should I buy”. It is important for you to answer this question because it will the process of looking for the best model for you much faster.

It seems like a pretty simple question to answer and people will just often say “buy whatever you want”. While you can buy any type of pinball machine that you want, you might end up getting bored with it easily. This might be the case especially if you discovered in the long run that the pinball game you want to play is not suitable to the model that you bought.

To make sure that you end up buying the best selling pinball machine of all time, consider the following factors:

*Does the game motivate you to keep on playing?

This is one of the most important question you should answer yourself when looking for a pinball machine to buy. It is actually very simple. You do not need to buy something that will cost you a huge sum of money if it does not make you happy.

A pinball machine is a major investment that you should give a proper thought before buying one. Also, it is a game that will want time after time if you want o temporarily escape or take a pause from the digital world.

*Do you like a certain type of game?

Each pinball machine is designed differently depending on the type of game. The reason why most models are made this way is in order to give the player the best game of their life. For instance, if every machine caters to a certain game, then the features are more advanced.

Each machine is uniquely designed. Some prefer to play fast and the furious while some machine requires you more time in order to fully grasp what it has to offer you. Similarly, if you want a machine that will instantly give you access to all the games and its features, there are pinball machines that provide these features. That being said, it would be better for you to try different machines and try to figure out the types of games you enjoy playing.

*Are you looking for certain features?

As mentioned earlier, thanks to technology, the newest versions of pinball machines offer more advanced features. While the game they offer is the same type of game they provide years ago, pinball machines these days come in different models. If you are not tight on budget you can buy one of these models commonly referred to as pro, Ltd. edition, and premium.

For the latest models of pinball, there is matrix where you will get to compare the different types of pinball machines. On the other hand, there are machines that come with limited features. Just always remember, the more features it offer, the more expensive it is.

If you are a beginner and just want to learn pinball to try a different way of bonding with your kids, then it would be best to buy a machine with not so advanced features.

*Do you want a machine that is easy to set up or carry anywhere, anytime?

Another important factor that you should consider is how simple or complicated it is to set up a pinball machine. It actually depends on your preference. If you are planning to situate the machine at an entertainment room in your house, a slightly heavy yet durable machine is your best option.

Also, most pinball machines are easy to set up. The package comes with an easy to comprehend user manual. The legs are removed and the back box folded down. If you prefer a model that you can easily bring from one place to another, then look for the best selling pinball machines of all time that is lightweight. The only downside of this type of machine is the materials used are average quality. Expect that it will not last for a long time.


The moment you received your best selling pinball machines of all time and you assembled it, what comes next? Of course, you will play with it. But then after a few months, some parts got broken. You realized that you need the support of the company that sells such product. While buying a pinball machine comes with a warranty, it is best to buy a machine that comes with a minimum of a 1-year warranty.

A pinball is a huge investment. Make sure you will have all the support that you need in case problems arise.


OUR TOP PICK: BRIO 34017 Pinball Game

Product Name: BRIO 34017 Pinball Game

Product Description: The all-time favorite pinball machine from Brio is perfect for adults who are into classic vintage and arcade-style games. Kids age 6 and up will also enjoy playing this pinball. This product comes with 5 pieces including a wooden base and plastic top. It is very easy to play. First, you just have to pull back the lever and then fire it away then watch your points up. Safe to use for your child. The company conducts 1000 safety tests per year to ensure that the product complies with the safety standards.

Availability: InStock


The BRIO tabletop pinball game is always prepared to go right out of the box – no batteries required to operate the machine. Like its arcade counterpart, the mission is to score as many points as the player can. The spring-loaded wooden launcher easily unches the balls and you should use your focus and hand-eye coordination to hit the balls and reach the assigned scoring area.


Best for adults and kids

Safe to use by kids 

High-quality and durable

No batteries needed



none so far


Stern Pinball Machine

Best Selling Pinball Machines of All Time

Product description: This retro themed pinball machine is perfect for people who want to stick with the traditional feels when playing pinball. It comes with four flippers, 11 drop targets, two opto-spinners, to name a few. Also, it has a magnetic spinning record disc.

This best selling pinball machines of all time promises a one of a kind game experience. All types of players will surely have fun with the full-screen animation. Enjoy the 1960 games available.

With the songs accompanied with this machine, immerse yourself in the 1960s Beatlemania.


Stern and Kapow’s Beatles pinball machine will submerge players in the Beatlemania harking back to a retro-themed playfield with a technologized feature.The game also comes with iconic introductions by Ed Sullivan together with with tradition speech and callouts by Hall of Fame disk jockey, Cousin Brucie


The Beatles pinball machine will no doubt immerse the players into 1960s. Perfect for adults who are fond of the retro-inspired playfield. Aside from that, it also comes with songs from the 1960s.

  • Comes with plenty of games and toys
  • Full-screen animations
  • Video featuring Beatles
  • Players who are not a fan of Beatles will not find it enjoyable

Dubble Bubble Pinball Machine

Best Selling Pinball Machines of All Time

Product description: Last but definitely not least, we recommend the pinball machine from Dubble Bubble. Unlike the previous pinball machine, this machine will be best enjoyed by the kids because of its design and themes.

The product comes with fifteen gumballs,  4-digit LED digital scoreboard and win a prize when you score a point, double flipper controls, electronic lights and Sounds, and spring action bumpers.

Enjoy a fun time with your kids with this amazing gumball machine. Compete with your kids, friends, and loved ones in getting that gumball.


This easy to carry pinball machine for kid is lightweight yet durable. It is high quality materials to endure wear and tear. The automatic 4 digit LED scoreboard make your feel like you are in an arcade. Both perfect for kids and adults.


This one of a kind pinball machine is not your typical model. It is suitable for adults and kids but is best played by kids due to its game theme and design. Compete with your friends and family members for the high score and get a gumball as your price.

  • Lightweight
  • Great for kids
  • Gumball for every winner
  • Most of the time, only kids get to enjoy this type of pinball

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of pinball machine should I buy?

A: You should buy the pinball machine that offers your preferred type of game. Always check the look of the game, the rules, theme, and toys, the kind of player who will be using the machine, and most importantly the safety features. Also, it is important to know your priorities. Some people decide based on the themes of the game, toys, and some just want the latest model.

Q: How much does a regular pinball machine cost?

A: Normally, the cost of a pinball machine varies depending on factors like how new it is, the theme, quality of the materials, toys, added features, the complexity of the game, and the size. Most of the games range from a couple of hundred bucks up to ten thousand dollars.

The present market price of the game and the condition of the machine greatly affects the total price of the model. If you are on a tight and you really want to have your own pinball machine, you can always opt for a less expensive machines. Nevertheless, just expect that it is a substandard game and may not survive wear and tear.

Q: Do I need to insert coins or tokens to operate my pinball machine?

A: Most pinball machines do not need coin from the player in order to function. However, there are machines are used to generate money. If you plan to use it for business purposes, there are few models that require coins from the players.

Q: How often should I ask for a pinball machine maintenance or repair?

A: This depends on the quality of the model and how often you used it. Every model comes in various parts. The more you use it, the more susceptible it is to damage. If the machine is being used for business, it is best to have it checked every 3-4 months.

The maintenance services include include interior and exterior check up, cleaning, polishing, and replacing batteries and bulbs.

Final Words

There are plenty of reasons why pinball is still a popular game nowadays. Despite the fact that we are living in a digital age, people sometimes prefer to take a pause from the digital world. When looking for the best selling pinball machines of all time, consider the style, theme, toys, and other features. It is a huge investment after all. For a pinball machine made of high quality materials, we recommend the BRIO 34017 Pinball Machine. Also, we recommend the Pinball Machine from Stern and Dubble Bubble Arcade. These are classic pinball machines that are made of superior quality materials that will survive wear and tear.