7 Board Games for Ages 10 and Up –Top Family Picks!

Who doesn’t like board games? Every family probably had a heated moment on a board game or two. It’s a fun game where everyone can join and play as long as they want. Besides, there wouldn’t be hundreds of board games in the market if not for its popularity among friends, families, and even parties. But if you’re having a hard time finding the best board games for ages 10 and up, we’re to help to ensure that you and your family will have fun. 

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A quick history of board games 

Board games have been around longer than almost any other family games. In fact, the first-ever known board game ever created dates back to ancient Egypt at around 3500 BCE. It’s called Senet and is still being played to this day.

Nevertheless, historians were puzzled as to how this game was played at first. All they know is that it consists of pieces of limestone, slabs of wood, and other ceramic ware. But thanks to Senet historians R.C. Bell and Timothy Kendall, the board game was reconstructed based on ancient texts that mentioned the game. 

Also, did you know that checkers and backgammon are also ancient board games? Both of these games were believed to be first played back in 3000 BCE on ancient Mesopotamia and Persia respectively. 

With all these historic accounts, it proves that our ancestors have been finding ways to pass the time. Thus, board games were born. 

Nowadays, board games have been infused with a modern touch, often with pop culture icons and influences. This is the reason board games appeal to all ages. It’s also the same reason why board games make a classic and timeless family game. 

What makes board games fun?

Board games are fun because it stirs conversations and immediate reactions from the players. This interaction makes a perfect bonding moment for families and friends. 

Also, most board games are founded on strategy. The thrill of planning out an entire game and seeing the results of everyone’s moves make board games an engaging experience. Also, the tension that builds up on the game makes it a more addictive past time for many players. 

Besides, board games were created for entertainment. It also helps break kids’ screen time by involving them in a board game, which usually lasts long. Aside from that, board games are a great way to see the best and worst in your family. While these games can elicit laughter and funny moment, it can also get really competitive.

Most of all, you don’t need any special tools to play board games. Everyone can join as long as the rules permit. Board games aren’t just games; it’s an entire experience that involves critical thinking, cooperation, strategy, and patience. For senior citizens, board games are a great way to sharpen their minds and bond with their family members. 

8 Boards Games for Ages 10 and Up

From the classic monopoly to newer options, these 8 board games will not disappoint in the fun aspect. 

1. Monopoly Ultimate Banking 

board games for ages 10 and up

Any board game list will not be complete without a Monopoly in it. This time, the Ultimate Banking Board Game will level up the fun for every gamer. It has new event cards as well as cashless gameplay, properties, and tap technology!

What we really like the most about the Ultimate Banking board game is it comes with an Ultimate Banking unit where players will tap their cards to make transactions. It’s a new era for Monopoly, which the youngsters will also enjoy. 

The Bank card of each player will track his or her wealth. Also, there would be timed auctions on the Banking unit which the players have to seize before the screen runs out of time. The banking unit is the center of this game since it calculates market boosts and crashes. 

If you’re tired of the classic monopoly game, the Ultimate Banking will spice things up. 

2. Telestrations Original

board games for ages 10 and up

If the Ultimate Banking is too much for your 10-year-old to handle, you should consider Telestrations instead. This is a fun game that youngsters and adults will enjoy. 

Telestrations can be played by up to eight players. The premise is easy: each player will have a sketchbook and a marker. After that, they will choose to use either “This Side” or “That Side” card. From there, the player will roll the die and write the words that correspond to the number. 

The words would be written in the “Secret Words” tab. After that, the player will pass the sketchbook to the right then the neighbor player will try to sketch the words. Once the timer’s up, the neighbor will continue to pass it to the right and repeat the process until the player got their own book.

One by one, the players will show the words and sketches that other players draw. It’s a fun and non-competitive game. Some play it for fun but you can always keep scores. 

Do you want to know more about Telestrations? Here’s a quick rundown of the rules:

3. Scrabble Game

board games for ages 10 and up

If you’re new to board games, you should definitely try the Scrabble Game. It’s the perfect board game for wordsmiths and parents who want to hone the vocabulary of their kids. 

This game is simple: there are letter tiles where you can play various words. Each tile has corresponding scores, which the player will record on each turn. Usually, letters that are difficult to use such as the letter ‘Q’ bear the highest score. The goal is to earn the highest score at the end of the game. 

Moreover, a scrabble game comes with 100 wooden tiles, 4 tile racks, and a game board. Usually, this is played by four individuals, but some modify it to accommodate 5 to 6 players. 

Make sure that you keep a dictionary handy to check for words you’re not familiar with. This will also prevent other players from cheating! Aside from that, keep your tiles off other players’ sight so you can come up with a winning strategy. 

4. Catan Board Game

If your family is interested in civilization games, the Catan Board Game is hard to miss. This is an award-winning game includes harvesting and trading resources to earn money and build your own civilization. This comes with a modular hex board where each player gets to create their own civilization while aiming for victory points.

However, you shouldn’t disregard this game as a laidback option. Your civilization can be robbed if you’re not careful. 

The game starts when a player rolls the dice and wins resources. As each player gathers their own resources, they can start trading to come up with the right combinations. For every settlement that you build, you will earn a victory point. Settlements can be upgraded to cities which will earn you two victory points. 

Do you want to know more about the Catan Board Game? Here’s The Rules Girl as she explains the game: 

5. Carcassonne Standard Board Game

The Carcassonne is a city-building game where each player lays tiles to create cities, connect roads, and other features. Also, the fun part is that players can send followers to score points and claim lands. Once the tiles are out, the game is over and the player with the highest score wins. 

This game can be played by two to five players and has already sold about 10 million copies all over the world. The game is set in a French city and is considered a classic among avid board game players. It’s inspired by a medieval fortress in France. 

The followers on this game can take many roles depending on the tile where they are placed. The follower can be a thief, knight, farmer, or monk. 

Players can also block another player’s city’s growth or connect to their road to steal things. The goal of this board game is to outsmart each player in order to win. 

To know more about Carcassonne’s rules, here’s Becca Scott from Geek & Sundry to tell us more about this classic tabletop game:

6. Labyrinth Family Board Game

The Labyrinth is a strategy game where the goal is to reach all the targets and treasures while you pass along the maze. This is best played by two to four players for up to 30 minutes.

The good thing about this game is it helps kids learn about association, planning, cause and effect, and taking turns. It takes patience and strategy to win this game.

Take note that a player can block another player from claiming treasures. This is a fun game for the family, but it can also be very competitive. 

The Labyrinth box comes with 34 maze cards, 4 playing pieces, 24 treasure cards, and one game board. 

To get started with the Labyrinth game, here’s Love it Games with the rules of the tabletop:

7. Clue Harry Potter Board Game

Calling all Harry Potter fans! If you’re looking for your first board game, you should definitely get the Clue Harry Potter Game. In this game, you will travel through Hogwarts to solve mysteries and discover secret passages. The fun part is you can play as your favorite character from Dumbledore’s Army!

The game starts with a student missing in Hogwarts. The characters will then try to solve the mystery by matching clues and looking for evidence. This is a bit of a detective game that will delight every Harry Potter fan.

We also like the changing boards with hidden passages, which is unique for a board game. We can say that this Clue game really lives up to its hype. It’s also a great way to level up regular Clue board games.

To know more about the Clue Harry Potter Board Game, here’s Jen from TTPM to tell us more about the game involving the wizarding world:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age can kids start playing board games?

A: Board games are made for a wide range of ages. You can find board games suitable for as young as three-year-olds. But if you’re eyeing for a board game that will involve the entire family, you must look for board games for ages 10 and up. 

Q: What are the most played board games in the entire world?

A: The most played board games are also the most popular. Some of them include chess, backgammon, checkers, Trivial Pursuit, scrabble, and more. Most of these games are being played for over a thousand years. Some are even older than Christianity. 

Q: What should we do if board games start to become boring?

A: Board games are fun options for families, but if it’s played repeatedly, it will start to lose its charm. The key here is variety. Get at least three board games then cycle it every week on your family’s game night. You can also explore more board games that suit your family’s interests and playing preferences. 

Q: Should we play board games if my family gets too competitive?

A: One of the challenges of board games is keeping the competition on a healthy level. If your board game often ends up with a toppled table with game parts all over the floor, then board games might not be for you. Nevertheless, you can always make a deal that whoever losses his or her cool first will be evicted from the game. 

Q: What is the most sold board games ever?

A: The likes of chess, checkers, backgammon, scrabble, and monopoly are the five best-selling board games of all time. This is followed by Clue, Othello, and Trivial Pursuit. 

Final words 

Board games for ages 10 and up are great ways to spend time with your family. So the next time you’re bored, get your eyes off the screen and take your favorite game board out to have fun with your loved ones.