15 Cocktail Party Games and Icebreakers to Keep the Fun Going

If you want your party to be remembered for one thing, it wouldn’t be how boring it was. No one wants a boring and sleepy party. If you’re hosting a gathering for your friends and colleagues, one way to break the ice is by playing some fun games. Cocktail party games and icebreakers will help everyone relax, get to know each other, and start conversations.

Party games can turn a dull gathering into a fun-filled experience. Take note that aside from the drinks and food, you have to ensure that everyone’s having fun.

When should I use icebreakers?

cocktail party games and icebreakers

To be honest, not all parties are perfect avenues for icebreakers. You have to read the room first and think about the nature of the gathering. If everyone is in their tuxes, dresses, and formal attire, you may need a different way to light up the crowd.

Also, you should consider the personality of your guests. If you’re hosting your boss and officemates, you should consider informative and less embarrassing icebreakers.

But on a social setting with your close friends and family members, cocktail party games and icebreakers can be lighter. You can try embarrassing and ‘NSFW’ games to bring in the laughter.

When picking an icebreaker, make sure that everyone will be involved. Also, avoid games that may offend anybody. Remember that icebreakers are meant to cool down a tensioned group, not cause a further divide.

Cocktail Party Games and Icebreakers

Since you kept reading, it just means that you’re in the hunt for the most fun games you can throw at your party. The following are some of our personal picks, grouped according to the type of gathering you’re hosting.


cocktail party games and icebreakers

Office gatherings like Christmas Party, birthdays, year-end parties, and so on can make use of some fun games. Also, if there are new employees, such party games are a great way to break the ice. The following are some of our favorites:

‘Your Favorites’ Icebreaker

For semi-formal gatherings, you can try the Your Favorites game. This is a very simple game with no preparation needed. Basically, you will divide the guests into groups of five by numbering off. After that, each group will list down their favorite things, including their favorite ice cream flavor, actor, plant, hobby, and so on.

After that, each one of the group members will tell why it’s their favorite. If there’s a small group, you can ask each one to list their favorites. After that, each one will have their chance to expand why it’s their favorite thing.

‘The Five of Anything’ Icebreaker

The Five of Anything is another icebreaker that you can use to loosen up a tensioned business gathering. This also works if you’re holding a meeting for the first time.

The premise is this: you will divide the guests into groups of five. After that, you can ask each group to share their five favorites. It could be five favorite movies, five favorite songs, five favorite food, and so on.

We’ve never seen someone reluctant to give an answer to such a question. You can also assign a specific category to a group based on the guests’ interests.  

Name That Tune game

If you’re out of the office and holding a simple gathering with your workmates, Name That Tune will be a great game. You just have to make a playlist of any songs – it could be old, modern, unique, or funny.

The game starts by playing a portion or beginning of the song. After a very short snippet, you will ask the group to name the tune. The first one who blurts out the title gets the point. You can also give a bonus point if the participant guesses the artist.

Blind Artist game

The Blind Artist game works by asking a pair of players to sit with their backs on each other. You need several printed images for this game, as well as blank pieces of paper and marker.

You will give one player an image and the other a blank piece of paper. The person holding the image will describe it while the other draws. After that, the pair with the drawing closest to the image wins the round.

For this game, you can ask your boss or supervisor to be the judge. It’s a simple and fun game where everyone can join.


cocktail party games and icebreakers

Social celebrations include birthdays, bridal shower, baby shower, weddings, casual BBQ weekend, and the likes. Such events can make use of lighter games, depending on the age bracket of the guests. To help you, the following are some of the guaranteed games to try:

Human Bingo game

The Human Bingo game is a fun game to play in a social setting. You can print the bingo cards ahead, which includes the characteristics of people. It could be “has a cat”, “loves gardening”, “left-handed”, “ate toast for breakfast”, and so on. You’re free to use the characteristics you like.

You can hand this to all the guests, and they will try to find someone in the party with such characteristics. It’s best to ask the player to write down the name of the person on each slot.

If there are no kids at the party, you can even add adult content on the bingo card to make it more fun. 

My Other Half game

The My Other Half game is a great way to break the ice and start a conversation within a group. You can do this if you’re hosting a party where many of your friends and colleagues are invited.

For this game, you need to print names of famous couples (e.g. John Lennon – Yoko Ono) on individual cards. Take note that the card shouldn’t have any clue about the name in it. After that, you will give each card to every guest. From there, the guest will try to look for their other half by asking each person a question answerable by yes or no only.

Tell a Story icebreaker

The Tell a Story icebreaker is a great icebreaker when everyone is sitting and relaxing. This is also a great icebreaker to host on a beach party when the guests are cozying around a bonfire.

To do this, you will list topics like “Tell a Story about your embarrassing work moment” or Tell a Story about a disaster date”. You can print as many topics as you want. You’ll place the rolled paper on a bowl where each guest will draw.

This icebreaker allows the guests to know each other personally. It’s also a great way to make new friends. 

Bring Me game

The Bring Me game is probably one of the popular games on every children’s party. Still, it hasn’t lost its charm. But if you’re hosting an adult gathering with close friends, you can make a nastier version. You can ask your guests to bring you weird things like dentures, bra padding, white hair, and so on.

This is a great way to have fun and enjoy a good laugh with your family and friends. You can also give some prizes to the guest who can bring the quirkiest item you will ask for.

Pin the Arrow game

The Pin the Arrow game is a fun choice for bridal showers, Valentine gatherings, and even wholesome bachelorette parties. For this game, you need a large heart made of construction paper as well as arrows made of the same thing.

Each player will get a paper arrow with sticky tape at the back. You will have to blindfold and spin the players before they aim to pin the arrow in the middle of the heart.

The player who gets to pin the arrow closest to the middle wins.

Sentence Starters icebreaker

Another excellent icebreaker is the Sentence Starters. It’s like the Your Favorites ice breaker, but the players will be given sentence starters that they need to complete. Some examples include “I have never…” or “If I am a piece of furniture, I’ll be…”. You can also add fun sentence starters to keep the icebreaker interesting to everyone.

Sentence Starters are also amazing icebreakers on office meetings as long as you craft the right sentence starters. Some good examples are “My favorite spot in the office is…” and “If I’d be a project, I’d be…because…”.

Clothespin game

The Clothespin game is a simple game you can play on baby showers. The organizer of the icebreaker will hand every guest with a clothespin. Customized clothespin would be great so that it can serve as souvenirs.

After that, you will announce the ‘forbidden word’. It should have something to do with the celebration. For baby showers, it could be “diaper”, “cake”, “honeymoon”, “pregnant”, and so on. Just pick one to be the forbidden word.

Whenever a guest catches someone saying the forbidden word, they get that player’s clothespin. The person with the most clothespins after the party is the winner.


Family gatherings are probably one of the most lenient parties for almost all types of games. You can do embarrassing ones or adult games without being judged. If you’re looking for some fun options, here are four of our top picks:

Never Have I Ever icebreaker

The Never Have I Ever game is one of our personal favorites. Just make two flashcards with the “I Have Never” and “I Have” signs. You can use questions that have something to do with your family. Take note that this game can actually unravel secrets!

Some good examples are “Never have I ever stole money from mom/dad”, “Never have I ever done it on the beach”, and “Never have I ever had a one night’s stand”.

Always consider the age bracket of your party guests when making the questions!

Truth or Lie game

The Truth or Lie game is more of an icebreaker than a game, but you can always keep scores. This game works by having everyone sit in a circle. One by one, the players will tell a truth or a lie based on their liking. The other players will then guess if it’s a truth or a lie.

This is one of the most fun cocktail party games and icebreakers, especially if someone tells a mind-blowing truth.

Who is Who game

Who is Who is a fun game for family gatherings which will also bring back some memories. You need to gather old photos of your relatives as well as of your cousins when they were young.

The game starts by showing everyone a photo of a person who they have to guess who. The player who guesses it right wins a point.

This game really appeals to the older crowds, but you can also host this one with your cousins.

Memories in a Hat game

Memories in a Hat game is a heart-warming option for family reunions. For this game, everyone will write down a special memory with the family. The paper will be folded and placed inside a hat (a bowl will also work if you don’t have a hat).

One by one, the host will draw a paper and read the memory out loud. The players will have to guess whose memory that is. The player with the most accurate guesses wins.

This game is fun to play, not to mention that it will make some ‘awwww’ moments.

If you want to keep going, you can also be specific with the memory. It can be the scariest, funniest, or most unforgettable memory with the family.


Cocktail party games and icebreakers will keep any gathering fun and worth remembering. Be it for your co-workers, friends, or families, there’s an icebreaker or game that will keep the fun going. You can make every party fun without spending too much on it. The best part here is you can tweak the game to suit your guests’ interests, age bracket, and mood.

Do you have more icebreakers or games to share? Have you played any of our recommendations here Drop your thoughts in the comment section below!