10 Fun Bar Games Contests to Try With Friends

Having a drink or two at the bar isn’t fun without some games or contests. It adds thrill to night-outs with your friends, especially after a tiring week at work. Regardless if you’re a patron or just a random bar-goer, there should be something for you to enjoy while you sip your choice of drink. Over the years, a lot of fun bar games contests have graced pubs, which is why a lot isn’t included on this list yet. 

Aside from adding fun to the experience of bar-goers, games and contests are also an effective promotional tool for bar owners. Many people will walk through your door if there’s something fun that they can’t find on other bars. So if you’re planning to spice things up in your place, you can consider any of these ten bar games and contests:

1. Eating contests

If you don’t have much time to prepare or shop for some supplies, you can start with the ye ‘old eating contests. Eating contests never grow old in bars and restaurants. There would always be someone hungry enough to accept the challenge for a decent reward. 

The reward could be a free round of drinks for the winner or anything that will entice bar-goers to join. 

Why not drinking contests, you ask? Well, over the years, drinking contests have put a lot of establishments in trouble due to alcohol intoxication. So to keep the fun without too much liability, eating contests are better alternatives.

It can be a hot dog eating contest or watermelon contest where participants can’t use their hands. The one who has eaten the most in a minute wins. Take note that the pricier the reward is, the more bar-goers who will want to join.

Some will host a spicy food eating contest. However, you may want to check with your insurance company for potential liabilities. As much as possible, play on the safe side.  

2. What Do You Meme Game

If you want millennials to flock to your bar, the What Do You Meme Game will be a great choice. This game is the hottest game in many bars and even at home. 

You can purchase the game set online, which includes cards of funny memes as well as captioned cards that will be dealt with the players. Take note that this game isn’t suitable for minors!

What Do You Meme started in 2017 and has since become Amazon’s second best-selling adult party game item

The rules of this game are simple. There would be a rotating judge who will flash a Photo Card and will deal with a captioned card to players. After that, the players will deal a captioned card they deem suitable to the Photo Card meme. The judge will decide who has the funniest pairing. 

This can be an unending game since there are lots of captioned cards and photo cards on the set. You can even make your own version to add new memes on the stack. If your bar caters to youngsters, you can make a wholesome version of the What Do You Meme game. 

Do you want to know more about this game? Here’s Jen from TTPM as she shows us how to play the What Do You Meme Game:

3. Cards Against Humanity

Another game that makes the rounds of bars is the Cards Against Humanity. It has the same concept as the What Do You Meme game. However, this can be an awkward and despicable game but definitely fun for a casual pub night. 

The rules are actually fun. First, the players will be dealt with ten white cards. The person who just pooped recently will start the game. The Card Czar will then read a question from a black card and everyone will answer with their funniest card.

From there, the Card Czar who has the black card decides who has the funniest white card. The owner of the funniest white card gets the black card as a score point. After each round, there would be a new Card Czar depending on how you like to play it. The succession could be by age, the number of people dated, and so on. 

After each round, make sure to set aside the used white cards. Some would put it back randomly on the stack. Whichever way you like it, Cards Against Humanity is a fun game. 

Need more info? In this video, WikiHow demonstrates how the Cards Against Humanity is played:

4. Dart games

Dart games are classic bar games. It’s a hit among adults who just want to have casual fun while sipping their drinks. You can install a dart on your bar and host a league every weekend. To encourage more participants, you can offer a gift card as a reward to anyone who will win the match.

Darts are probably one of the best and timeless bar games. It suits small and large bars without interrupting other bar-goers. It’s also a simple game with very straightforward rules. 

Even without a league, a bar-goer can throw some shots for fun. 

But if you want to spice things up, you can create a dart drinking game. Unlike traditional darts, this one is made for a drinking game with its various drink names as the target. You can include things like “Take a Shot”, “Pass”, “Pick a Friend”, and the bull’s eye as “Everybody Takes a Shot”. You can make this as creative and nasty as you want to keep the fun going. 

You can change the darts every week so your patrons will have something new to look forward to. 

5. Pinball

Pinball isn’t just one of the greatest arcade games of all time; it’s also one of the classic bar staples. The pinball machines were created in the early 1930s by Sam Stern. Ever since, this machine has been a big hit among players, enthusiasts, and bar-goers. 

Moreover, pinball comes in different versions with varying bumpers, targets, and setup. Still, the goal is the same: to get the highest score without the ball falling down the drain. You can also look for retro pinball machines if your bar has a vintage theme. 

However, pinball machines aren’t cheap so make sure that you have the budget to splurge on this game. Nevertheless, it will pay for itself over time since players have to insert coins to start a game. 

Overall, pinball is a laidback bar game that remains fun. Also, you no longer have to do anything as long as the machine is functional. You can always host other fun games, but pinball always comes handy for bar-goers who aren’t in the mood for social games. 

6. Uno cards

If you want some competition, Uno cards will not disappoint. This game has tested friendships, families, and the patience of many bar-goers. It’s a simple card game that can be really fun and competitive. 

The goal here is to be the first person to play the last card. The person who plays the last card should shout “UNO!” upon dealing the last card on the table. On multiple players, the goal is either to be the first one to earn 500 points or the lowest point depending on the rules.

One thing that makes UNO cards a very challenging game are the action cards like “Draw Four”, “Skip”, “Reverse”, and more! These cards add edge on a player to best other players.

If played while sipping some drinks, UNO cards become more fun. You only need a deck of UNO cards to get the fun started. Its rules are simple so even those who are not familiar with the game can get the hang of the game easily.  

However, you should watch for competitive that may come off too strong. Have some ice breakers ready to cool down the situation!

Not familiar with UNO cards? Let this video from Howcast fill you in with the rules:

7. Jenga

A game of Jenga doesn’t fail to stir the fun among a group of friends, families, and bar-goers. It’s a fun and tension-filled game that can keep a group of bar-goers busy. This is also a popular choice among bar-goers due to its simple rules and convenient setup. 

The good thing about Jenga is it can be played at any table. You can also choose the size of the stack to suit your bar. 

Playing a game of Jenga is easy: players have to remove and stack blocks without causing the tower to fall down. Nevertheless, when the tower leans and goes down, it always elicits a good laugh from the players and spectators.

In a game of Jenga, your goal is not to become the person who makes the tower fall. There are no winners here, only losers once the tower topples.

The Jenga Classic Game is very affordable that you can get more than one set for your bar. It’s made of 54 Jenga hardwood blocks that can be played by two to three individuals. But if you have a larger pub and you want everyone to witness the nerve-racking Jenga game, you can get the Giant JS7 stack that towers for up to 5 feet!

8. Trivia Night

One of the fun bar games contests that you can host in your bar is Trivia Night. You can play this the traditional way by coming up with a theme like Pop Culture, History, Hollywood, Geography, and other fun topics that your guests find interesting. 

Before starting, you must set the rules straight. Set the maximum number of players, how the point system will go, and who’s going to keep the scores. Make sure that everyone has their phone tucked away to prevent cheating!

Most of all, you should come up with good questions. Trivia Nights can get boring easily if the questions are bland and are widely used on trivia games. To keep the fun running, you should also offer exciting prizes like gift cards, special discounts, and more. 

Take note that Trivia Nights should be fun for everyone. It should also bond people together in your bar. As much as possible, keep it short and sweet so your guests will look forward to the next game night in your pub. 

9. Bar Roulette

The bar roulette is a shot game almost similar to the rules of the drinking dart game. The roulette will have a number that corresponds to a type of drink. A bar-goer will spin the roulette and wait until the ball lands on a specific number. When the ball gets on the number that corresponds to your shot glass, you’ll have to empty the drink on it! This is a fun and win-win game for everyone who wants to keep it light and easy.

Some bar-goers will make bets on this game to keep the fun going. It’s a great ice breaker since the rules are simple and everyone can join. If you’re looking for a roulette set, the BETERLINE Shot Glass Roulette is one of the best options if you’re planning to add this game to your bar.

It has 16 shot glasses as well as two balls and a poker card set. While the others are busy taking shots on the roulette, some bar-goers can have a round of poker. The best thing about the BETTERLINE roulette set is it’s covered with a money-back guarantee. If bar-goers aren’t happy with this game, you can send it back for a full refund. 

10. Cornhole 

For pubs and bars that have a larger space, cornhole will be a fun game. This is originally a lawn game where players can take turns tossing 16-ounce bags filled with corn kernels. The goal is to get the corn bags into the hole or at least at the top of the cornhole platform. Such a platform is a wooden box with a hole enough to fit the corn bags. Also, there should be six corn bags, three for each player, preferably in two different colors. 

Each bag that goes through the hole is equivalent to 3 points while the bag that lands on the platform is 1 point. The first player that gets 21 points wins the round. It’s up to you how many rounds per match you want to play. 

This is a straightforward and easy game. However, it’s suitable only for bars with ample space or a lawn where the players can set up the cornholes at a distance of about 30 feet. Also, this can be one of the fun bar games contests for cafés with an open space. 

You can make your own cornhole set or purchase it online. We recommend the GoSports Cornhole Set that comes with eight corn bags, two platforms, and a carrying bag for everything. You can also have the set customized with decals bearing your bar’s name or logo. 

In this video, PlayAnywhereSports.com demonstrates how to play the cornhole game:


These fun bar games contests will add more fun to the usual drinks and snacks on your bar. Also, it will attract more customers and keep your patrons coming. The key here is keeping the fun and offering something new each week. What do you think of these bar games? Let us know!