How Long Should a Beerpong Table Be?

The beer pong table is the most important thing in playing the beer pong or the drinking game. 

Although, playing beer pong have several health risks. Still many people are playing this game. Well, the truth is you can’t blame them because the game is full of fun and challenges. 

There are lots of beer pong table available in the market today. You might be able to see that most of them has the same size. But the question is, how long should a beer pong table be? 

Luckily, that’s what we will discuss in this article. So, keep on reading and make sure to read this until the final word! 

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How Long Should a Beerpong Table Be?

Beer pong is a drinking game that is also called as ‘’Beirut’’. 

In this game the player will throw a ball across the table to shoot it in the cup on the other end of the table. 

The game is consisting of typically two or more teams per side with a cup of 6 to 10 set up on each side of the triangle formation. 

Each of the team player will have the chance to throw the ping pong balls into their opponent players cups. If the ball lands on the cup which is also known as the ‘’make’’. The cup will be removed by the other team from the table. The first team that can eliminate all of each opponent’s cup will be the winner. 


Beer pong table has a standard length of 8-foot table or in short; 

  • 2.44 m long,  
  • 24” 61 cm wide, and  
  • 27.5” 70 cm set of height. 

Generally, the 8-foot table is the official regulation size of beer pong table and professional beer pong table size.  

Although, if you want to go on using a shorter table YOU CAN! But, if you want to throw like the pros, toss with the pros and play with the pros. Then, you’re going to need the 8-foot table. 

In addition, some do not need much width as the ping pong table for the amount of the cups that they need to play. There are lots of beer pong tables that has been made less wide. 

How Long Should a Beerpong Table Be?


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Product Description: As the name suggest, Party Pong Tables is the perfect table for the beer pong game. We all know that beer pong game is a party game and there is no doubt that they are perfect match. What’s make it more amazing is that it comes with 6 ping pong balls. Wait’s there’s more, the table is water resistant because of the wax finish that it has. Meaning it the table will not damage easily even some beers or water spills on it.

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  • Easy to Fold
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Overall, the PartyPongTables 8-Foot Beer Pong Table is the perfect beer pong table. The table is great in many ways, it is very easy to assemble, the graphics attached on it are beautiful, the table is easily to clean, it is storable and the led lights are really cool! You will enjoy this product!


✔️Easy to set up.

✔️Beautiful graphics.

✔️Instructions were super easy to follow.

✔️The lights are nice and bright.


❌The table is heavy.




PartyPongTables 8-Foot Beer Pong Table

How Long Should a Beerpong Table Be?

As the name suggests, Party Pong Tables is the perfect table for the beer pong game. We all know that the beer pong game is a party game and there is no doubt that they are perfect matches. 

This table has a patriotic flag and led lights that make it more wonderful and cooler especially in dark. Aside from that, it also serves a purpose in playing even in darker conditions such as camping outdoor and party dark rooms. 

What’s make it more amazing is that it comes with 6 ping pong balls. Wait’s there’s more, the table is water-resistant because of the wax finish that it has. Meaning it the table will not damage easily even some beers or water spills on it.  

In Addition, the 8-foot table comes with different large variety of options and designs where you can choose from. 

Furthermore, the table can be fold up to 2ft by 2ft compact and it is lightweight. So, you can easily move and carry it around. 

  • LED lights attached.
  • Available in multiple designs.
  • Lightweight and can be folds to a portable size.
  • The light needs battery.



GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table 

How Long Should a Beerpong Table Be?

The combination of playing on the land and on the sea. You can’t just imagine how cool this table can be. This table is perfect for beer pong and party pool.  

So, whether you will choose to play beer pong or party pool this table might be for you. 

On the top of the table there is a normal pool inflatable for lounging and floating. An inflating model that has a simple pump inflation.   

One of the amazing features of this table is that it can’t drift away like other floating tables. This is because the 4 tethering grommets attached on it. Another advantage in purchasing this table is the price because it is affordable. So, you can enjoy playing without the big investments. 

  • Very affordable.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • It can also be used for floating in pools or other bodies of water.
  • It is not big as a full-size beer pong table.


SHARPER IMAGE Mini Beer Pong Tabletop Table

How Long Should a Beerpong Table Be?

One of the best beer pong table when it comes to value of money and lightweight. 

The table is foldable and small that comes with plenty of extras. Balls, 25 cups and even a few launches which permit you to excursion the balls into play come included.  

There is likewise a pack which this can fit into. It’s just 25 inches in length, so you ought to know that you won’t be ready to play a full-size round of ping pong on this table.  

It folds to around 7 creeps long which makes it simple to move even in a backpack. This is an extraordinary fun game, however has a tad of an alternate plan to the others.  

It should be played on another surface. This can expand its odds sprinkling onto a table you truly would prefer not to get sprinkled. 

  • Very affordable.
  • Super portable.
  • It comes with all you need to start playing.
  • Some liquid could splash onto other surfaces.


If you’re on a tight budget and want to play or even practice beer pong game. Probably, building your own beer pong table will be your best option. Building your own beer pong table will not be easy. So, call a friend and ask for some assistance. 


  • Drill  
  • Nuts(4)  
  • Bolts (4) 
  • Scissors 
  • Painter’s tape 
  • Stencil (optional)  
  • Spray paint (optional) 
  • White spray paint 
  • Chalkboard paint 
  • Barrel bolt with screws 
  • Wood stain (4 2’x4’s) 
  • Bases with screws (4 post) 
  • 2 pieces MDF board (4×4-foot) 
  • Lid (4) support hinges with screws  
  • Door hinge with screws (4-foot) 


  1. Paint MDF sheets with writing slate paint.  
  1. Stain 2’x4’s, which will be the legs.  
  1. Measure pong lines around the MDF sheets and imprint with chalk, around 2 creeps from the outside edge.  
  1. Veil the territory with painters’ tape and paint the lines white. 
  1. Join 2’x4′ legs to the underside of the MDF sheets utilizing post bases, nuts, and fasteners. 
  1. Join top help pivots to every leg to guarantee the table doesn’t fall.  
  1. Associate the two bits of MDF board with the entryway pivot.  
  1. Join the barrel jolt to the underside of the table where the two bits of MDF board meet.  
  1. Redo the table with a stencil and shower paint (discretionary).


Have you ever got urge in playing ping pong and drink at the same time? It could be dangerous for mixing the alcohol with the wooden paddles. So, why not play beer pong instead?  

With a couple of your friends, few beers and ping pong balls, you and your friends can have a blast with beer pong. While also sharpening your hand-eye coordination at the same time. Below are the steps on playing the beer pong; 

How Long Should a Beerpong Table Be?

Beer Pong Equipment and Players 

  • Two teams each which is consisting of two people. 
  • Beer pong table with 8’ x 2’ (or any level playing surface)  
  • 22 pieces of 16 ounces plastic cups (2 water cups and 10 cup per team) 
  • Ping Pong Balls (2 or more) 
  • Beer (or another tasty beverage) 



In the end of the table, Arrange the 16 ouch plastic cups in a pyramid like formation or triangle formation. Just imagine how the bowling pins are setup. 


Once you’re done setting and arranging the cups into the triangle formation. Fill each of the cups with beer and fill the 2 extra cups with water. Then place it each end of the table to use as the rinse cups for when the ping pong balls land on the ground. 

  1. THE GAME 

In playing this game you can play both one on one or with teams. Each opponents team player will be taking turn on trying to lob the ping pong ball into one of the cups filled with beer. The other team will drink once the balls land in and removes the cup.  

Conversely, the other opponent team players turn, they will also try to throw the ping pong balls in the opponent’s cups and drink and remove the cups too. 

Obviously, the objective of the game is to take out all of the opposing teams cups. So, the first team that can eliminate all of their opponent’s cups will be the winner. 


A group is permitted to demand a “re-rack” toward the finish of a turn, so as to keep up a conservative shape.  

Each group gets two re-racks per game, which can be utilized at practically any time 

*The standard brew pong rule is to take one re-rack with 6 cups remaining, and the other when 2 or 3 cups remain.  

Note: in case you’re playing lager pong with 6 cups each there is one re-rack permitted per group, per game.  

*You cannot re-rack in case that is no joke “legacies”  

*You cannot re-rack during a “reclamation round” 


At the point when a group dispenses with the last lager pong cup of the rival group, they haven’t won at this point. The protecting group has a “recovery round” where every player gets a go. Recovery adjusts are shoot until you miss.  

In case that the guarding group sinks the rest of the cups in the recovery round, extra time is constrained. The group can’t drive the game into extra time, they lose and are liable for drinking the substance of the rest of the group’s cups notwithstanding their own outstanding cups. 


The most widely recognized tossing procedure is the circular segment shot, where one handles the ping pong ball with the tips of the thumb and pointer, holds the arm at an edge with the ball upwards, at that point tosses utilizing a delicate elbow movement holding the upper arm corresponding with the table. 

Some players toss “fastball” style which utilizes to a greater degree a hard hacking movement to send the ball in a more straightforward line toward the planned objective cup. 

A fastball shot might be ideal if house decides direct that a cup thumped over is expelled from the table, in which case a fastball can dispose of various cups whenever tossed hard enough.  

A bob shot is performed by ricocheting the ball towards the cups. Contingent upon house rules, if the other group has the chance to smack away a skipped ball, a bob shot might be worth more than one cup.  


In the event that a group makes their last cup, the other group loses except if they can make the entirety of their residual cups; this is known as a rejoinder or reclamation. In the event that the losing group can hit their recovery shots, at that point the game is constrained into additional time where three cups are utilized rather than the typical ten cups.  

Another ‘house rule’ can be expressed previously or during the game amidst a shutout. A shutout in lager pong happens on the off chance that one group makes each of the ten of their cups and the contrary group makes none of their cups. In the event that the shutout occurs, the losing group must do whatever the two groups settled on, for example, going streaking (bare lap) or drinking a huge amount of brew.  

Likewise relying upon ‘house rules’, there are different approaches to end the game. Cups that were coincidentally left in the rack subsequent to being made are known as death/execute cups. These cups will promptly end the game whenever made once more. 


Playing ping pong balls is fun and exciting, with couple of your few friends, few beers and ping pong balls. You can literally have a blast with beer pong game. 

Remember the variations that you can bounce the ball into the cup but only then will be your other team allowed to slap the ball away.  

Just be careful, because anytime that you knock a beer over. You need to drink up and the cup will be removed from the playing surface. So, have the beer and the ball at same time. Cheers! 

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