How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

If you’re planning to buy a foosball table and want to know if how much does a foosball table cost. Then you’ve come in the right place. 

The Foosball game is suitable for all ages of players. You can enjoy playing it with your kids and families. As well as with your friends.  

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There are plenty of foosball tables and even foosball brands available in the market today. Some of the tables are expensive and cheap.  

Here, we will discuss the price of the foosball table costs. As well as some of our recommended foosball table. 

Keep on reading and find out how much does a foosball table cost. So, let’s get started! 


The table foosball is known as one of the table top game in North America. You’re putting a foot in your mouth every time you’re saying ‘’foosball’’. As the game is based on the football game.   

The objective of the game is to move the ball into the opponent’s goal by manipulating rods which have figures attached.  

Although, the rules differ in the region and country when the game is played. The table soccer competitive level is played according to the unified code. 

How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?


Like other foosball fans you will surprise when you’ve learned how much is the price of the table cost. 

Due to this research, we’ve found out that, a foosball table can cost from $20 to $10,000. Though it will depend on your own preference and what price are you willing to invest your money. 

The small or mini tabletop can range in price of $20 and to $4,000 for high quality like the cabinet style table. 

However, most of the foosball tables fit into the range of $100-$1,200 and $2,000 for tournament-style tables. 

Most people look to buy for the decent table that range between $700 and $1,150. Thus, the tables on this price range are not in the highest quality available on the market today, but they are good enough for durability and features. Meaning, the tables won’t going to fail immediately when it is used. 

If you plan to shop with this price range. I recommend that, make sure that the table is in a good condition and it is a good brand. Check if the manufacturer is known for producing a high-quality table.  

So, you are sure the tables are built to last longer. As this will keep you from upkeeping your furniture and most especially from spending a lot of money for repairs. 

Foosball Table Price and Best Products


OUR TOP PICK:Warrior Pro Foosball Table

Product Name: Warrior Pro Foosball Table

Product Description: You will definitely get impressed in purchasing this impressive table, it recognized as a high-quality table by USTSF and ITSF that guarantees its good quality. The table comes with an extra smooth playing surface and a heavy-duty cabinet.

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  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdiness
  • Value for Money



Overall, this foosball table offer the best bang for the buck between the price and quality. The fact that it was recognized by USTSF and ITSF is definitely a plus factor in purchasing this product. It is very nice, sturdy, solid, well-built table and the all-round attention to detail is impressive.



✔️Impressive Rod Guards.

✔️Very sturdy.

✔️Well designed


❌None so far.

Foosball Table Price Between $100-$500  

This class is for your child when he makes sense of that the foosball is great. A $100-$500 is table soccer value which isn’t the best, yet not the most exceedingly terrible.  

I accept that a decent quality child’s foosball tables are in this value extend. Something worth being thankful for about child’s table is the way that they don’t need to be with balanced, cup holders; they can be light or produced using plastic.  

Children love foosball for the game and they wouldn’t fret on the off chance that they can’t perform foosball stunts or that the ball doesn’t run as easily as on the treated glass. The whole child’s foosball table can be plastic and that is the motivation behind why you will have a grin all over when you ask the agent: How much is a foosball table?  

Our Recommendation: 

KICK Foosball Table Voyager

How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

The table has everything you need for a foosball table, the manufacturer good reputation in producing high quality tables. It comes with the leg levelers for straightening two legs and surfaces. You can get 1-man and 3-men goalie configurations depending on what you want and the huge benefit is the affordable price! 

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Affordable price.
  • Very attractive to its black color.
  • No cup holders.

Foosball Table Price Between $500-$1,000  

This is an increasingly genuine class in our what amount is a foosball table article. Tables made in this value go are acceptable quality, solid, stable and have numerous highlights one great foosball table ought to have. Those are tables made for side interest or propelled players who play foosball routinely at home with loved ones.  

This foosball cost should ensure that table has, for instance, balanced, leg levelers, no stickers on the playing field, steel bars or cup holders. Each element relies upon the model yet when you recognize what your financial plan is, it is anything but difficult to locate the table with needed highlights.  

Our Recommendation: 

Warrior Pro Foosball Table

How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

You will definitely get impressed in purchasing this impressive table, it recognized as a high-quality table by USTSF and ITSF that guarantees its good quality. The table comes with an extra smooth playing surface and a heavy-duty cabinet. Meaning, you can have impressive control over players on the field. It is made of ABS plastic for easy control. And additionally, it comes with special features called the Rod Guards. Furthermore, the table price is great. 

  • It is solid and sturdy.
  • Well-built table.
  • It is recognized by USTSF and ITSF.
  • It is heavy.

Foosball Table Price Above $1,000  

 Each foosball table over this value run is extraordinary quality foosball table. Those tables will keep going for a long time and they are made for cutting edge players and even proficient players. Tornado, Garland, and other great brands are in this value run. At the point when you get a table which costs more than $1,000 you will get an excellent table which has a stunning exhibition and which will last until the end of time. On the off chance that you are searching for a table in this classification than the inquiry what amount is a foosball table, isn’t something that should trouble you on the grounds that, in this class, individuals take a gander at the foosball table as a type of venture, not a thing.  

Our Recommendation: 

 Tornado T3000 Foosball Table

How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

This table is one of the most amazing foosball table that used in many different tournaments. With its impressive features, square legs equipped with leg levelers and great ball control. The most amazing on this table is that it is made to last for lifetime! 

  • High-quality table.
  • Hassle-free game table.
  • With non-slip surface for enhanced comfort and grip.
  • Too expensive.

Ability of the Player  

There are a wide range of sizes, costs and quality degrees of foosball tables accessible in the market. The one you ought to go for relies on your abilities and inclinations.  

In case you’re at an amateur level, the table top model is the best choice as its modest and you can generally redesign once you have improved your abilities.  

In case you’re not new to this game but rather don’t play frequently, a mid-level table is an incredible alternative for middle of the road level. The best quality in these would cost you a limit of $500.  

On the off chance that you are an expert, nothing not exactly those top of the line competition tables would coordinate to your gauges. Those are extremely costly yet worked with the best highlights and a high caliber to keep going long. 

Our Recommendation: 


How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

Foosball Tables Soccer Table 48″ 


How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table 


Warrior Professional LED Foosball Table 

Size of the Game Table  

A full-sized foosball table requires around 7 feet by 8 feet of playing space that incorporates distending playing poles and the space every individual requires.  

To begin with, watch that you have enough space accessible to put this game table. If not, consider purchasing a littler one that requires less space.  

Material of the Table  

There are various sorts of materials utilized like molecule sheets, strong wood and composite development to set up these foosball tables.  

Tables produced using molecule sheets are more affordable yet very little strong; while tables made with strong wood or composites are progressively costly and of top-quality with longer toughness. It relies on your particular and spending which one you will like.  

Legs of the Foosball Table  

Legs are the most fundamental pieces of these tables. This is on the grounds that legs bolster the entire foosball table and give steadiness, so consistently search for a table with thick legs.  

This won’t just guarantee the dependability. Yet it’ll additionally help you in impeccable shots, execution and the strength of the foosball table.  

Adjustable Table Height  

Foosball tables accessible in the market as a rule have a stature of 36 inches. That is just reasonable for youngsters and grown-ups, so kids won’t have the option to play on these.  

In this manner foosball game tables with movable legs are vital in case you’re getting it for your family. This will permit all the age gatherings to take a stab at it.  

Kind of Rod Used in the Table  

On the off chance that you are putting resources into a foosball table, keep an eye out for those strong steel bars. These will diminish your speed of development, so consistently incline toward empty steel poles. They won’t just speed up, yet additionally bring down your pressure that for the most part increments with strong poles.  

Configuration of Goalie  

The goalie’s arrangement changes in foosball tables. In a few, there is single goalie while some have three goalies.  

Aside from these, there are convertible tables whose goalie’s design can be changed from 3 to 1 and the other way around. The arrangement you ought to go for relies on your inclination and abilities.  

Quality of Foosball Ball  

A decent quality ball is significant for testing and energizing foosball meetings. Search for balls that are anything but difficult to grasp and roll impeccably on the table. Never take a ball that is made of plastic and has a sparkly appearance.  

Claiming a foosball table is incredible, however before putting away your well-deserved cash, it’s critical to follow the guide above and focus on your inclinations. These are significant and fundamental rules that will assist you with choosing a quality foosball table as indicated by your inclinations.  

How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

Kinds of Foosball Tables  

Since you discover a little bit progressively about the round of foosball. You might be pondering buying one of these tables for your home. All things considered, this game is extremely fun and something the whole family can play together.  

There are three fundamental kinds of foosball tables accessible and here are the ff;  

Tabletop Foosball Tables  

Tabletop foosball tables are intended to sit on any solid surface. These tables are lightweight and a lot littler than remain solitary foosball tables. You can move these tables effectively around the house or take it any place you need to.  

A decent aspect regarding tabletop foosball is that it very well may be set up on the floor, on an extra table, or some other hard surface that you may have in your home. Basically, place the table where the players will be most open to playing.  

A tabletop foosball game is ideal for more youthful youngsters just as the individuals who are simply beginning as the tables are less expensive than the customary independent tables. It is additionally ideal for individuals who need movability. While looking for a tabletop foosball table make a point to discover one that has non-scratch and non-slip cushions on the base so as to ensure the surface that you sit it on.  

Our Recommendation: 

How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Combination Game 

Stand Alone Foosball Tables  

As proposed by the name, an independent foosball table will remain all alone. This is the most customary kind of foosball table accessible and regularly accompanies the legs previously connected. Foosball tables fluctuate in measurements yet they are ordinarily bigger than most tabletops and will cost more also.  

An excellent independent table will keep going for an exceptionally lengthy timespan in the event that it is appropriately thought about. These tables offer the most legitimate play.  

Remain solitary tables are ideal for more seasoned youngsters, adolescents, and grown-ups. There are some independent tables that have customizable statures, which makes them ideal for any age. 

Our Recommendation: 

Tornado T-3000 Coin Foosball Table 

Multi-Game Foosball Tables  

A multi-game foosball table is made with the goal that it very well may be changed over into other tabletop games, for example, chess, checkers, table tennis, or air hockey.  

This is a decent choice on the off chance that you have kids that like to play diverse tabletop games or in the event that you have a restricted measure of room and need some flexibility in your gaming alternatives.  

At the point when you need to change from playing foosball to another game you should expel the bars from the foosball table.  

You can discover multi-game tables in both an independent form and a tabletop variant. Multi-game tables are regularly more costly than the other two essential sorts of foosball tables, yet they give more assortment.  

Our Recommendation: 

Hathaway Matrix 54″ 7-in-1 Multi-Game Table 

Normal Dimensions of a Foosball Table  

Most of standard full measured foosball tables measure around 2 and a half feet wide and are commonly around 5 feet in length. Guideline measured foosball tables are 30 inches wide, 56 inches in length, and 36 creeps in tallness.  

When estimating the space in your space for a foosball table you will likewise need to consider that individuals will require around 3 and a half to 4 feet of room on each side of the table so as to be agreeable when they are playing the game.  

This is particularly significant for individuals who are utilizing an appropriate foosball position when they are playing the game. In a perfect world you will need to have a space that is 10 feet wide by 5 feet in length to guarantee that you have sufficient space for the foosball table and players. 

Foosball Table Dimensions  

Since you recognize what kinds of foosball tables are, the time has come to consider the size of foosball tables. Odds are that you have a restricted measure of room to put your foosball table, so the foosball table size will be a factor that you should consider.  

Understanding the measure of room or area that is fundamental in your storm cellar, bar, or game room is significant as this will permit you to design your space so as to appropriately fit in a foosball table.  

Similarly, as you would gauge for a pool table, you should factor in the measure of room required for individuals to play foosball and not only for the table to fit inside the room. You don’t need to purchase a foosball table, get everything set up, and afterward discover that you won’t have sufficient space to haul the poles out without reaching a stopping point or some other snag.  

Final Words: 

Now that you know the different price ranges of the foosball table. You will have the opportunity to think wisely and to choose what types of foosball table will you purchase that suit on your budget. 

Hopefully, our article answers your question if how much does a foosball table cost.