How Much Does a Shuffleboard Table Cost?

You may not be all familiar with shuffleboard, maybe some of you know it but most of you do not. 

Shuffleboard is a great game where you can put on the basement rivaling on billiards or pool table. It is really becoming a popular game again in the United States.  

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Maybe it’s because anyone can play this game and have fun. There is different rules and different games that you can play it with one foot you play by yourself or teams of two.  

If you’re interested with these games. For sure the first thing that you want to know is the shuffleboard table cost. 

Keep on reading and find out if how much does a shuffleboard table cost. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

How much does a shuffleboard table cost?

What is a shuffleboard? 

A shuffleboard is a table intended for playing the sport of shuffleboard. It’s worked around the playfield, normally a solitary bit of head maple lumber that has been definitely straightened, sharpened and rewarded with a low-contact covering. They start at around 9ft long and go straight up to the guideline size of 22ft.  

The playfield is set apart with a numbered scoring zone. A few tables have a scoring zone at each finish of the playfield, while others are set apart toward one side as it were. Some playfields are profiled with a curved shape, which can assist with keeping pucks on the table and add another measurement to the game.  

The playfield ought to be saved perfectly clean for ideal execution. Likewise, a silicone powder is sprinkled over it. In spite of the fact that it’s also called shuffleboard wax or shuffleboard sand. This powder is really made of innumerable small silicone balls.  

What’s more?

How much does a shuffleboard table cost?

It causes pucks to skim the table easily and arrives in an assortment of evaluations, positioned by grinding or speed. The primary body of the table is known as the support. This can be made out of any sort of wood, yet most usually it’s maple or oak. 

The support can be interestingly gotten done with wood stains, paint, corrective subtleties or whatever else. There is a hole between the support and the playfield, making a drain into which pucks can fall.  

The legs will be solid, intended to help the heaviness of the whole table. Normally supported here and there, each foot will be fitted with a level agent, which permits the administrator to precisely level the table for an ideal, straight float.  

Shuffleboard tables are regularly specially made, giving you the choice to customize your table with a custom completion or wood stain, or to add a logo to the playfield. You can include score shows or math devices, and a few tables are worked to be utilized outside.  

Pick your shuffleboard table cautiously and it will reimburse you with many years of solid, fun ongoing interaction. 

How much does a shuffleboard table cost? 

How much does a shuffleboard table cost?

In case that you’ve played shuffleboard at a bar. You definitely know it stand out amongst other bar games in the present.  

A shuffleboard table also makes an unbelievable expansion to a game room at your home.  

In any case that you want to have a shuffleboard table may appear to be a major investment.  

Also, no doubt, there are some wonderful shuffleboard tables out there with carefully assembled components and custom features that accompany a hefty tag price; which regularly surpassing the range of;  

  • $10k price mark.  

However, in case you’re focused on carrying shuffleboard to your home, or in case you’re a bar proprietor and figure it would make an extraordinary expansion for your visitors. There are still a lot of budget-friendly more amicable choices available.  

The ‘moderate’ section incorporates tables that start at costs around;  

  • $1000 price mark. 

A significant number of these increasingly reasonable shuffleboard tables are in the;  

  • 9, 12, and 14-foot length run.  

These smaller, passage level tables will fit into more tight spaces. While as yet giving a lot of length to a genuine round of table shuffleboard. 

Features to Look for Buying A Shuffleboard Table  

Before you hunt a shuffleboard table here’s the features that you need to consider; 

Wood Type  

You might need to consider the sort of wood utilized on that top or surface as well. Numerous organizations use maple and different hardwoods that can hold up better to increasingly serious plays. Less expensive models may utilize a milder wood that will rapidly show dings, scratches and scrape marks.  


A norm or guideline board estimates 20-inches wide and 22-feet in length, however this might be only a touch unreasonably long for your storm cellar or rec room.  

If you choose to jump on a small model, ensure that it despite everything gives enough space to all players and that it will fit in the room you need to use. These sheets presently come in sizes as little as eight-foot long.  

How much does a shuffleboard table cost?

The Typical Size Range of Shuffleboard Table:  

  • 9 to 12 Feet for the Small Recreational Tables 
  • 14 to 16 Feet for the Medium Length Shuffleboard Tables 
  • 18 to 22 Feet for the Full-Length Shuffleboard Tables 

Scoring System  

As you play, you can utilize the scoring framework situated toward the finish of the table to see who wins. A few models utilize a norm or conventional triangle that is like the scoring framework utilized on shuffleboard courts. Others accompany three plainly stamped regions that grant you various focuses dependent on where the puck lands.  

Table Thickness  

The thickness of the table is significant on the grounds that a slenderer table can’t withstand the weight of normal use and may break or chip. Most makers make tables that are in any event three-inches thick. This thickness will likewise prove to be useful in the event that you have to restore the wood later. 

Surface Coating  

Something else to remember is the sort of covering utilized on a superficial level. A polymer covering is commonly best since it shields the game board from harm during more unpleasant plays and can keep going for a considerable length of time. A few producers utilize an essential clear sealant that doesn’t offer as much insurance.  

Surface Curvature  

The Top-Rated shuffleboard tables have a slight bend in the inside that resembles an inward bend. This works superbly of keeping your puck in the focal point of the table and prevents that puck from turning over the side. In the event that the bend is excessively steep, it may shield your puck from going where you need it to go.  

Climatic Adjusters  

Continuously search for a shuffleboard table that accompanies worked in climatic agents. These agents accompany a basic fastener and a screw that you can release or fix dependent on climate conditions. This lets you change the inclination or shape of the board.  

Indoor vs the Outdoor Use  

A large number of the shuffleboard tables that you’ll run over are best for indoor use. In the event that you need one that you can use in your lawn or on your porch, you have to search for highlights like a weatherproof sealant or covering on the top and legs that will keep dampness from wind and downpour from distorting the table. 

How much does a shuffleboard table cost?

Our Recommendations: Top 3 Best Shuffleboard Table 

Below are the top 3 of the best options on the market today; 


Our Top Pick: Fairview Game Rooms Signature 12' Shuffleboard Table

Product Name: Fairview Game Rooms Signature 12' Shuffleboard Table

Product Description: This table is recommended for the serious home player. Under its playfield are six metal stabilizer bars that prevent it from warping and the height of the legs can be adjusted by up to two inches. The table is easy to assemble as well as it includes a hidden cabinet in the leg and chrome levelers. Additionally, the table is 12 feet long

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  • Sturdiness
  • Quality
  • Value for Money


Overall, this shuffleboard table is great to purchase, the cabinet hidden on the legs is cool, it is sturdy and beautiful furniture, the table is top quality and well made. Moreover, the service is superb and great family game. We highly recommend it!


✔️Great table.

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Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table 

This table is built from the furniture quality wood with a UV coated veneer. The Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table is both high qualities, durable and stylish. Its carpeted walls and gutters protect against scratches and help to minimize noise when the game gets intense. The table is equipped with traditional abacus style scorers and sturdy metal legs. What makes it best is that it is more affordable than the other similar options. 

  • With sturdy metal legs.
  • With traditional style scorers.
  • More affordable than the other similar options.
  • Table doesn’t include a table cover.

Carmelli Dark Cherry 9 Foot Shuffleboard Table 

This table is a good option for the game lover with limited space. It is only 9 feet long but it isn’t short for fun. You can set it up quickly and the polyurethane finish allows the pucks to achieve some serious speed. It comes with good quality wax and durable molded plywood corners. You can adjust it to humidity easily.  

  • Comes with good quality wax.
  • Durable molded plywood corners.
  • Adjust to humidity easily.
  • It needs to be keep in a stable environment and temperature because the wood could possibly warp.

Fairview Game Rooms Signature 12' Shuffleboard Table 

This table is recommended for the serious home player. Under its playfield are six metal stabilizer bars that prevent it from warping and the height of the legs can be adjusted by up to two inches. The table is easy to assemble as well as it includes a hidden cabinet in the leg and chrome levelers. Additionally, the table is 12 feet long. 

  • With hidden cabinet in the leg.
  • Included with chrome levelers.
  • It is twelve feet long.
  • Not advisable to put on the outside.
How much does a shuffleboard table cost?

Type of Wood Use for Shuffleboard Table 

There are different types for the surface of shuffleboard table and these are the ff; 

  • Maple 
  • Oak 
  • Plywood 
  • Bamboo  
  • Mahogany 

While the oak or the maple gives the most durable table. Some of these materials may also be too expensive. For more moderate price, try to consider using the bamboo or the plywood flooring of the surface. Which can also be good once it is polished and sealed. For the trim you can use the mahogany if you prefer the classic touch. 

How much does a shuffleboard table cost?

Shuffleboard Equipment 

Below are the different components of a natural shuffleboard table: 

The Main Part (Plank) 

Main part of the shuffleboard is the board or also known as the plank. Mostly it is made of hardened maple in a butcher blocks kind of style. 


These sat in the part that its going around the board. 


It is the end part of the board of each side. 


These is the down sides of the board. Which is where the actual pucks themselves will fall into you; get knocked off or your aim isn’t good. 

The Legs 

Obviously, this is the legs underneath or the one that supports the table. 

Abacus System 

This is where the scoring does, which move along and be able to allot your point scored but you can get the options of getting (Electronic Scoreboard). 

Additional Lighting 

Of course, light is used to light the play room or it depends on the environment you’re putting it into.  


All of the pieces you need to play the game; 


These is also called the weights which are the heavy metals-based units with a colored top. The color is black and red.  

Shuffleboard Wax 

It is also called the ‘’silicone wax’’ or ‘’sand’’, others also called it as ‘’cheese’’ because it looks like a bit parmesan. However, these accessories are an essential part of preparing the playing surface of the board or the plank. To be able to run on the pucks along it. 

Wiper Board 

The last part kind of accessories that is used to clean the surface of the board off before you put down the silicon wax to be ready on a game. 


While shuffleboard associations have settled upon some official principles, the casual and unconstrained nature of shuffleboard fits a wide assortment of house rules, territorial varieties, and varieties by nation.  

In Canada, for instance, shuffleboard is played by decides that have been endorsed by the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress. In many competitions, singles games are played to a score of fifteen. Copies matches are played to twenty-one focuses. In the two circumstances, a round comprises of four pucks for every player. 

Bank board, Cushion Shuffleboard, and Bumper Shuffleboard 

A variation of table shuffleboard, all the more plainly identified with billiards and air hockey, is bankboard. Which is also called shuffleboard by its players.  

In which the player may ricochet the puck off one of the elastic pads or banks. That run the length of both long sides of the table instead of canals, for example to circumvent a meddling puck. Bankboard tables are inside the shorter scope of table sizes normally 12 to13 ft long. Thus can be helpful for augmenting income per square foot of floorspace in a bar or other setting.  


A Dutch variety known as sjoelen, clearly affected by;  

  • Bagatelle (a billiards branch and pinball predecessor), 
  • Bar billiards,  
  • Skee-Ball, smaller than usual golf and related games, use a long, 
  •  Unidirectional board put on a table in which the objective is to slide 30 wooden pucks towards the finish of the board and try to have them enter through little open doors or curves into numbered scoring boxes.  

Every player has 3 sub-goes to get the same number of pucks in the scoring boxes. The crates are numbered from left to right: 2, 3, 4 and 1. A prominent standard is that for each arrangement of pucks a puck in each crate they tally twofold so rather than 10 focuses for a set, the player will get 20 focuses for each set.  

The most extreme score is 148 which is cultivated by getting 7 pucks in 2, 7 pucks in 3, 9 pucks in 4 and 7 pucks in 1. It sums to 7 × 20 + 4 + 4 = 148. In any case, if the player achieves the maximum score of 148 in under 3 sub-turns.  

They returned one puck for each sub-turn less, expanding the most extreme conceivable score to either 152 (148 of every 2 sub-turns) or 156 (148 out of 1 sub-turn).  

The most renowned makers of sjoelbakken (sjoelen sheets) are Homas, Heemskerk Sport and Schilte, who mass-produce the game for the mainland European market and all the more as of late American Sjoel with their marked Shool Game at in the North American market.  

Sjoelen Scoring  

In Sjoelen, scoring is resolved first by including the circles in every one of the compartments.  

Getting a plate in every compartment causes a twofold score for those circles, making a sum of twenty focuses; 

  • 1+2+3+4×2=20.  

After each arrangement of four circles is checked, the rest of the plates are granted a score of the number appeared in their compartment.  

To give a model a player has five plates in space two, nine circles in opening three, five plates in space four, and seven circles in space one.  

The player at that point has five complete arrangements of circles, scoring one hundred focuses. There are four outstanding circles in opening three, scoring twelve focuses;  

  • 4×3=12 

Likewise, the two outstanding circles in space one, scoring two focuses; 

  • 1×2=2  

In this manner, the player’s absolute score is one hundred and fourteen focuses;  

  • 100+12+2=114 

The most extreme conceivable score ought to be one hundred and forty-eight seven arrangements of twenty. In addition to two circles in the four focuses opening. A player figures out how to do this inside two sub-turns with getting an additional plate, making the absolute conceivable score one hundred and fifty-two focuses.  

In rivalries, coordinates ordinarily comprise a set number of games, for example, five, ten, or twenty, and the all-out score from all games will be utilized to decide the match champ. As sheets can change broadly, players are generally allowed to toss five practice plates before the game starts.  

Push ha’ penny  

A significantly more scaled down, related British game. With a considerably less stretched board.  

A lot all the more scoring zones, is played with coins and known as push ha’ penny. The developmental connection between the game variations is unsure.  

The Bonus Shuffle 

In the 1979 to 1980 adaptation of Beat the Clock which publicized on CBS and was facilitated by Monty Hall, the last round of the primary game was called Bonus Shuffle, a round of table shuffleboard where the two groups endeavored to toss circles to win money from $300–$1,000. The group whose plate was the farthest dominated the match and the opportunity to play the Bonus Stunt for multiple times their Bonus Shuffle sum from $3,000–$10,000. 


A shuffleboard games is a real classic game when it comes to game rooms. This game is enjoying its popularity than ever. 

If you planned to have a shuffleboard at home you might need to plan it carefully. 

When it comes to choosing the table make sure to select the high quality and the cost that can fit into your budget. 

Hoping we’ll help you find the answer that you need if how much does a shuffleboard table cost. 

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