How to Choose the Best Coffee Table for Board Games?

Selecting the best coffee table for board games is an important part of decorating your living area or entertainment area. However, this step is often overlooked due to other decorating decisions. Since the coffee table is centrally located, it can greatly affect the overall aesthetics and function of the room. In addition to being used for board games, this is also where we place décor magazines, drinks, ad even smartphones. Coffee tables can make or break any room. That’s why it has to reflect your personality, the decorations in the room, and the rest of the furniture surrounding it.

To help you find the perfect coffee table for your family here are some guidelines and ideas on how to choose the best coffee table for board games.

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Step-by-step guide on how to find a suitable coffee table for you

Woman playing jengga on coffee table

If you’re looking for a coffee table for board games, you might think that it’s an easy enough task. However, once you walk into a store, and see the number of options you have, you might think otherwise. Buying a piece based only on your preference can be quite a challenge as once it reaches your home it might not go well with the rest of the furniture in your living or entertainment area.  

Step 1: Know Your Needs

There are many reasons as to why you would want a coffee table in your living area. Some people add it for aesthetics, while others add it for function. For example, some home owners add coffee tables to have a center piece in the room or to have an area where they can place display magazines or scented candles. There are also homeowners who make the most of their coffee table and use it for board games. If you are the latter, you need a coffee table with enough surface space for your needs.

Step 2: Measure the Required Size

When buying a coffee table, you don’t want it to be too small or too big for the living area. The height of the table should be the same height or a bit lower than the seat of your sofa. If the table is too low or too high, it might be hard to use it for board games. As for the width, the maximum size of the table should be 2/3 of the sofa’s width. If you have to choose between a table that is too small or too big, go for the smaller one. You also have to make sure that there is enough walk path or space between the sofa and the table.

As a rule of thumb, the coffee table should be about 15 inches away from the sofa. Any more than this would be uncomfortably close or far for the ones sitting on the sofa. As for the distance between the coffee table and television or fireplace, it should be between 24 inches to 30 inches distance.

Step 3: Choose the Right Shape

Whether oval, round, square, or rectangular, make sure that the size of the coffee table complements its function and the overall design of your living area. You don’t want it to be too asymmetrical as it will be hard to play board games on its surface. Some designs even let you have trays, wheels, or extra tiers.

Step 4: Check the Materials You Need

There are many coffee table materials you choose from. Regardless of the design of your living area, you can choose from glass, marble, wood, or brass materials to match your needs. Choose a material that will help you use the table for board games. If you play with your kids, select a material that is safe for kids, and handle scratches well. Coffee tables with extra trays and tiers will also be convenient for stowing away board games so they won’t fall on the floor or under the sofas.

To help you find the best coffee table for board games, here are some of our recommendations:


Olee Sleep 46

Wood coffee table

Our top choice is Cocktail Wood & Metal Legs Coffee Table. This multi functional coffee table can be used as an office table, gaming table, and end table. It’s simple and minimalistic aesthetics makes it easier to fit in any home décor, whether you have a rustic, modern, or Scandinavian living room design. The natural pine wood board complements the solid steel legs. The size of this coffee table is also perfect for board games. It is also durable and sturdy so it can withstand wear and tear.


The Cocktail Wood & Metal Legs Coffee Table’s dimensions are 46 x 24 x 18 inches and weigh  31 pounds. It comes with a wood shelf at the bottom, perfect should you need plenty of space during board games or even just for daily use. Note that this coffee table is shipped in a box but us very easy to assemble.

✔️Made of solid and hard pine wood
✔️Multiple functions
✔️Comes with a bottom shelf for added storage space
❌ Takes some time to assemble


Furinno Coffee Table

Brown Coffee Table

Choose from a vast array of color and style options Furinno Coffee Table. This table allows you to have the flexibility to create endless possibilities in combination with design and elegance. Whether you are moving to a new home or redecorating an old one, this table offers a full line of selections for your convenience. This table has a wide variety of color options including light brown, espresso, light blue, light pink, and oak grey. It also has a very simple wood design, allowing you to easily fit it in any room. The sides of the table are also a bit rounded, making it safe and perfect for board games with both kids and kids at heart.


Furinno Coffee Table dimensions are 18.9 x 31.5 x 15.6 inches and weigh 22.9 pounds. It comes with non-woven bins at the bottom, perfect should you need plenty of space during board games or even just for daily use. It has a rounded edge design for preventing potential injuries. This feature is important, especially when you are playing with kids. The rounded edge gives you peace of mind that they will not get hurt even if they run around the living area.

✔️Non woven design
✔️Multiple color options
✔️Comes with non-woven bins for added storage space
❌ Smaller size than expected

AmazonBasics Lift-top Coffee Table, Espresso

Brown Coffee Table

AmazonBasics Lift-Top Coffee Table lets you have a home décor that is both functional and stylish. This wood table is sturdy enough to allow you to play with different board games with your friends and family. It has sleek lines and smooth surfaces which can be used for game nights, work space, or display area.

Whether you want to place it in front of a couch or in your recreational area, this coffee table brings you a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition in your set of furniture. The best part of this table is that it has a lift-top feature, providing you with additional storage space. By lifting the unit smoothly up and forward, you will also create a suspended and sturdy, raised surface where you can study or work. It is perfect if you are working on the computer, playing games with your kids, or just eating your dinner in front of the TV. This coffee table comes in different finishes including white, black, espresso, and natural.


AmazonBasics Lift-Top Coffee Table dimensions are 40 x 19 x 18 inches and weigh 239 pounds. It comes with open shelves at the bottom, perfect should you need plenty of space during board games or even just for daily use. It also has hidden storage space beneath the lift-up top where you can store board games, remote controls, or magazines.

✔️With lift-top feature
✔️Open shelves below offer added storage and display space
✔️Made of sturdy wood with different finish
❌ No negative reviews so far

Factors to Consider When Buying Coffee Tables for Board Games

If it’s just a board game for you and your husband, then the steps provided above may be enough for you to decide which board game fits your needs. However, if you will be hosting game nights or will be using the tables for gatherings, then it’s a different ball game altogether. If you want your guests to make the most of the game night you are hosting, here are some of the factors you need to consider before buying a coffee table:

The Size of The Games

Board games that are just for two-players can be accommodated in small coffee tables. For example, games like Samsonite folding card table or chess means you no longer have to buy a large coffee table. However, if it’s a game that involves five people or more, then you might need a bigger table. Of course, you want the players to be as comfortable as possible during the game.

The Finish of the Table Surface

The finish of the surface is important in choosing a coffee table. Many coffee tables have a plain wood finish. However, it may be quite a challenge to do dice rolls on a hard wooden surface because it makes too much sound and the dice can roll off the table. Plus, depending on the materials you will use, it can also damage the table’s surface. Therefore if you will use a hard surface, it is best to use a dice rolling box.

The Features of the Table

If used quite often, your coffee table will eventually bring your gaming cards and other gaming accessories into contact with drinks and food. Good thing some coffee tables are designed for game nights. They feature built in trays and cup holders to make sure the food and drinks don’t mess with the game. This way, you no longer have to always worry about when to stop the game just to grab a snack. Some have a lift top feature to give you an elevated top surface while playing. These features could mean you need to pay more for the table but they are worth it if you want to have the best gaming experience.

The Storage Space of the Table

If you will regularly use the coffee table for games, it may be easier to keep the chess, board games, and other stuff just near or within the table. This is why storage space within the table is an important buying factor. Some gaming tables are built with drawers and other storage options, letting you stow away all of these objects away without a fuss. Even if you don’t have many board games to keep, the additional storage space will always be useful. You can use it to keep the remote controls, magazines, and other stuff neatly. This helps keep the living room or entertainment neat before, during, and after the game night.

Final Thoughts

If you spend every board gaming session feeling uneasy or uncomfortable, it is time to get yourself the best coffee table for board games. With the tips and guidelines mentioned above, it will be easier for you to choose the table that matches your needs. Buying a coffee table a surprisingly complex decision but we hope this article makes it less of a hassle for you. With the right coffee table, you will surely love hosting your friends and loved ones for a nice get-together and game night.