How to Play Pool by Yourself

Learn more in this article on how to play pool by yourself!

One of the very popular bar games is the pool game, many people enjoying playing over a beer.  

Typically, pool games require two players, but sometimes you can see people playing the pool soli. Maybe because they want to enhance their skills or they don’t have anyone else to play with them.  

Below are the steps on how to play pool by yourself and as well as some of the pool games you can play by yourself. 

How to Play Pool by Yourself

Steps on How to Play Pool by Yourself 

Rack the Balls  

Spot the entirety of the balls in the triangle rack toward one side of the pool table. Ensure that the 8-ball is in the focal point of the rack. Line the 8-ball up with the sticker spot.  

Chalk the Stick  

Utilize the pool chalk to apply oil to the tip of your pool stick.  

Break the Balls  

Line up your signal ball at the furthest edge of the table. Back the stick back and separate the balls.  

Choose Which Shading Goes First  

The principles of solo pool are equivalent to 8-ball, except if obviously you are playing 9-ball. On break whichever shading, for example, stripes, goes into a pocket first will be the shade of your first shot. If stripes somehow managed to sink first then you would shoot as the player for stripes until you missed a shot. At that point you move onto solids.  

Furthermore, if you thumped in just a strong ball on the break, you would go for solids first until you missed a shot and afterward switch over to stripes.  

Play in Simultaneous Request  

Continue shooting as though you are the two players until either the entirety of the solids or the entirety of the stripes have been stashed. Whichever shading gets took first has a taken shot at the 8-ball. Play the game all together until one side reaches and pockets the 8-ball.  

How to Play Pool by Yourself

Different Pool Games to Play by Yourself  

Practically any round of pool you can consider can be played alone with some variety to it. Beneath you will locate nearly two player games and a few games explicitly for playing without anyone else.  


Another normal activity in case you’re hoping to play billiard without anyone else is simply play against yourself. Set up the balls as though for a normal round of 8-ball and play both Mario and Luigi, in a manner of speaking (player 1 and player 2). To make it all the more fascinating, you can zest it up with lopsided impairments.  

8 ball is one of the most well-known games in pool. This is ordinarily a two-player game yet can be played performance if necessary.  

To begin, rack each of the fifteen balls like you would in a customary round of 8 ball with the 8 ball in the middle encompassed by the remainder of the balls in arbitrary request. Break, and afterward continue to sink the entirety of the striped balls followed by the solids, or the other way around. Make certain to stash the 8-ball last and call your pocket for good practice. Solo 8 ball is an incredible method to keep your abilities sharp while making some great memories doing as such. 

Solo 9 Ball  

9 ball is another mainstream pool game that can be played performance. Again, rack the balls a similar way you would as though you were playing with another person, break, and afterward pocket the rest of the balls in customary 9 ball design. You can even make it more testing by hustling against a clock.  

3 Ball  

In case you’re hoping to improve your perusing of the table instead of exactness, you should play a round of 3-ball (a kind of stripped-down rendition of 9-ball). What you need to do is orchestrate three balls (henceforth the name) in a triangle and attempt to sink every one of the three making as scarcely any efforts as you can. To the extent scoring goes, the break is considered a solitary shot, while a miss considers twofold (so you can, hypothetically, run the rack on the break). It’s a short game, as a matter of fact, however an extraordinary method of figuring out how to prepare.  

3 ball is a snappy, fun game that includes more system than exactness. It just includes the utilization of 3 balls, as the name suggests. The object of the game is to stash the 3 balls in the least measure of shots. To play, you just set up 3 balls in a triangular arrangement, break, and afterward continue to take the rest of the balls in as not many shots conceivable. The break is considered a shot, while a miss or scratch consider two shots.  

Set up three balls in a triangular development, at that point endeavor to take the three in as scarcely any shots as could be expected under the circumstances. The break considers a shot and a scratch considers two shots. This is a speedy game, but it builds up the ability to think a few shots ahead. Tally the quantity of shots it took to take three balls and proceed to attempt to break your own best. Taking each of the three balls on the break is an ideal score one shot.  

 As odd as it might sound, you might run the rack on the break. While 3 ball normally doesn’t take long to play, it’s an incredible game equipped towards helping you plan your shots as absolutely as could reasonably be expected.  

Fifteen out of a Row  

Fifteen out of a column is another extraordinary game you can play without anyone else. To begin, rack the balls a similar way you would for a round of 8 ball at that point continue to break. You should take at any rate one ball on the break.  

In the event that you don’t, you need to re-rack and begin once more. After the break, you at that point need to stash in any event one ball on each shot. In the event that you neglect to make a shot, you need to start from the very beginning once more.  

Rack the balls as though you were going to play an ordinary round of 8-ball with each of the 15 balls in the rack. At the point when you break, at any rate one ball must go in a pocket or you need to begin once again. 

 From that point onward, every shot needs to sink a solitary ball. There are various variants relying upon your aptitude level. An apprentice simply needs to make any shot accessible. Advance players can challenge themselves by shooting the balls in numerical request, or calling the shot first. In the event that a ball other than the one you called is taken, you should begin once again.  

The objective is to make every one of the 15 balls in succession without missing a solitary one.  

You don’t need to take the balls in a specific request, in spite of the fact that you can in the event that you need to make things additionally testing.  

Once more, you can add to the trouble by hustling with time as the opponent or including any extra principles or admonitions that you can consider.  

Speed Pool  

Rack each of the 15 balls as though you were playing a round of 8-ball. Set the clock to 20 minutes, start it and break the balls. Sink all the balls in numerical request before the clock runs out. When you beat the 20-minute time limit, attempt to do it in under 15 minutes. As you prevail at each level, lessen the time in five-minute additions and play once more.  

Target Pool  

Target Pool is accessible on the web or in toy or billiard stores, however it’s anything but difficult to make a home variant. It accompanies two focuses on that look like focuses on a mix board court, alongside scorebooks and guidelines. The objectives are spread out on the pool table. Rather than attempting to shoot the balls into the pockets, you focus on focuses inside explicit regions of the objectives. A few varieties call for specific strategies, for example, English shots, draw shots and riding the rails.  

The Target pool is to a greater extent a drill than a game. The object of target pool is assisting you with learning position play and prompt ball control by having your pocket an item ball in a specific pocket from a specific spot on the table, and control the sign ball to a particular “focus” on the table. These objectives and shot guidelines can be purchased as a unit, however its much less expensive to simply utilize napkins as your objective and set up your own shots. This is an incredible method to show signs of improvement at controlling the prompt ball and learning appropriate shot determination.  


Ghost is a mainstream pool game among players everything being equal. What you do here is take various balls could be as not many as three for tenderfoots or ten for master players and set them up. When you break, give yourself a ball close by for that originally shot and afterward run the entire rack like you would in a normal round of 8-ball. The key distinction among this and playing against yourself is that a miss or a scratch considers a programmed success for the apparition.  

Ghost pool is another extraordinary performance game that is certain to help hone your aptitudes. You set the game up as you would some other game you appreciate, for example, 8 ball or 9 ball. You at that point break and continue to give yourself ball close by. Spot the sign ball any place you like and afterward continue to run the rack in one turn. If you miss a shot or scratch, the “apparition” naturally wins. You possibly dominate the match on the off chance that you pocket each ball in a solitary turn. Most players select to race to a specific number of wins to decide whether they won or their fanciful partner did.  

Cowboy pool 

Cowboy pool, otherwise known as Backwards pool is an amazing method to rehearse an assortment of shots, find out about edges and truly train your nerves. The game beginnings as common by setting up every one of the fifteen balls, and break. Where it gets fascinating is the manner in which you run the rack. You need to carom the balls off the sign ball and into the pockets. It is basic that you hit the prompt ball first. On the off chance that you sink the signal ball also, that considers a scratch, which gets spotted in the event that you play against a rival (in this situation, you).  

Cattle rustler pool is fundamentally a round of 8 ball played in reverse. You rack the balls in 8 ball form and afterward continue to the break. After the break, you at that point start to stash your assigned balls yet not in the customary way. In standard 8 ball you strike the prompt ball first which at that point hits your article ball ideally into a pocket. With cowhand pool, you strike your item ball first, which at that point needs to hit the signal ball before advancing into a pocket. This game is an incredible method to learn edges and position play.  


Fargo is a pool game that you can play without anyone else or against a rival  the goal here is to score increasingly add up to focuses. The game comprises of innings (much like baseball) which have no set number, however the standard is 10.   

Each shot and pocket must be called, however you need not show any caroms, kisses or pads (or mixes thereof). The break considers a shot and conveys no punishment for hopped balls or scratches. With that note, any hopped balls or stashed balls on the break are spotted and you get a show on the road close by. Each ball you sink considers a point.  

Fargo pool is a round of focuses and not a race to take the entirety of your balls in a specific request or time period. It is additionally a call shot game, which means you need to call your ball and pocket before your shot.  

You start by racking every one of the 15 balls in 8 ball style. After the break you continue with ball close by. There is no punishment for scratching on the break. The game is regularly played to 10 racks or “innings”. Every inning comprises of two stages: an irregular stage and a revolution stage. 

How to Play Pool by Yourself


So, that’s the 9 pool games that you can play by yourself for practice and fun.  

Playing pool by yourself is the best way to more improve and enhance your skills as a player. 

As well as it is like you are preparing for a more new fun and exciting games in the future.  

Have you tried any pool games to play by yourself that is mentioned above? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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