List of Outdoor Games for Adults & Kids at Heart

Outdoor games can be a fun way to pass time while at home with your family members. It can also be at a park when holding a reunion with friends. Whichever the case, you need to find the best games that will make everyone enjoy every moment. Below, we look at a list of outdoor games for adults to consider playing today. Let us get into the list already.

Tug of War
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When you look at tug of war, it should easily be the easiest game you will have to play. It does not require much in terms of equipment and preparation. You only need a rope and a group of people to start playing.

Split the group of adults into two even teams, draw a line between the groups and start pulling. The first group to have a member of their team across the line will lose the game. There is no doubt that such a game is good for fostering team work. Everyone will try as much as possible not to lose to the opposite team.

Lawn Bowling

When you hear about bowling, you might have the idea of indoor bowling coming to your mind. However, this type of bowling can be done on a lawn outdoors. A jack will be set up at a distance and you will roll the bowls towards it. Whoever gets the bowl closest to the jack gains the most points. This game can be played up to 21 points before deciding who is the winner.

There is no doubt that lawn bowling will be fun and relaxing. It is also good for competition. Anyone would want to be the best and win the game. We would recommend it mostly for small and relaxed outings to pass the time.


If you have ever played Bocce Ball and Horseshoe, then you will find this one being a mix of the two. It comes with two wooden goals and six rollers. For each team, it will have one goal and three rollers. The team will strive to roll the rollers towards the opponent’s goal and try to score. Remember, it is rolling and not throwing.

The scoring is recorded as it would have been done when playing a game of horseshoe. The points are recorded based on closeness and the number that is showing on the roller’s upper face. This can make the scoring fun and dynamic.

Molkky Game Set
Photo credit: Molkky

If you have played bowling before, then this will be an easy game to score too. It however has an exciting twist. Rather than using a rolling ball, you would have to throw a wooden skittle.

The pins are set up just as you would do in a bowling game. The individual pins will have different number of points you can achieve while playing. As such, you would always want to hit the pin with the highest number.

Well, scoring is simple. When you knock down a pin, you get the number of points as indicated on that pin. The first player to get up to 50 points will win the game. However, for those who go over 50 will get bumped back to 25 to make the game more interesting.

Giant Yardzee

The Yardzee has the same rules you would find with the classic Yahtzee. One thing is for sure, you would be playing outdoors. Instead of using the small dice on a table, you get to use lawn dice. It can be interesting to see how you would roll a giant wooden dice.

It is on the list of outdoor games for adults because it is filled with fun, luck, and skill. There is no doubt playing this game can be very competitive.

This game is ideal for parties or for during a serious gathering. It comes down to your preference. Rather than playing the same old games, it can be nice to have something different.


Anyone who has tried out a list of outdoor games for adults knows that cornhole cannot miss. It is a classic game for the yard and it should be fun trying it out with your friends. During this game, the players will throw bean bags at a board. The goal is to get as many bean bags on the board as possible. You will also get more points for getting the bean bags through the hole in the board.

Cornhole is a fun and simple game to try out with two to eight people. As such, it can be a one-on-one or involve a team to make it even better. When playing cornhole, the precision and good throwing arms play an important role.

Since it does not have many complex rules, it should be a fun game to try out today.

Giant Yard Pong
Photo credit: Yard-pong-game

From the name, it is easy to tell that it is the variation of the famous Pong game. Well, most know it as the Beer Pong as it involves a lot of drinking. We had to include it on the list of outdoor games for adults as it is something that would interest them.

The cups are arranged into a triangle and the opponents would attempt to get the ping pong ball into the set-up cups. The rules are the same only that the cups are larger. Sometimes you would be playing with red buckets rather than cups. The ball would be larger and sturdier too. Some often choose to use tennis balls.

For such a game, you would need to have the best precision and skill. It is best suited for large groups of people.

Ladder Ball Toss

We had to have this on our list of outdoor games for adults because of the many fun times you are likely to have when playing it. Players will need to toss the two golf balls joined by a string to wrap around the opponent’s ladder. You will get points for every successful wrapping of the balls over the opponent’s ladder.

This type of game is known to demand precision and skills. You also need to have a good throwing arm. Well, with practice, you will get better at throwing the two balls.

Many have found it being easy to assemble and portable. It is a great game to have in your home as you can always take it to the park and set it up to play with a few friends.


Croquet is a popular British lawn game. Over the last few years, the game has become popular in other countries thanks to the many benefits you get while playing it. The game is best suited for casual gatherings. Well, it does require more skill, precision, and time. Many find it being easy to play and it can be great for players of different ages.

With this game, you need to set up a court. Having a low-mowed lawn should work best. With a string or stakes, you should have a court clearly marked out. Well, the game package comes with all the instructions on how to setup and start playing.

It might take more time to finish the game, but it is all worth the effort. The next time you start playing, you end up having a great time with a group of friends.

Bocce Ball

This game can be played in a court in which you have to set up yourself. It is on the list of outdoor games for adults simply because it is fun and enjoyable. Once you play it for the first time, you are likely to play it more often.

The players need to play in two teams. For this game, you have to throw a pallino into the court. The teams will then throw bocce balls and try to get as close to the pallino as much as possible. The team that gets to the pallino wins the frame and then you proceed to the next round.

If you have any social gatherings, this is a fun game to consider. It can also be a nice game for all ages. This game requires a good throwing arm, skill, and precision.

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It should be nice to have Spikeball on the list of outdoor games for adults. This is because the game is a nice variation of volleyball you might have played before. It is more fun and engaging to make it worth playing it most of the time while outdoors. The best part is that it does not require any equipment. You only need competitive souls to have a great time playing the game.

You can earn points through many ways, but the main objective will be to get the ball into the net. For such a game, you will need precision and athleticism to make it even better. Depending on the number of people available, many find it being a nice game for parties.

Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts are also a nice way to pass your time outdoors. Throwing darts can be dangerous with kids around, so be careful. To play lawn darts, you will need a set of lawn darts, rings of different sizes and you are good to go. This can be a nice game for parties when kids might not be around or playing other games away from the adults.

The scoring and playing is the same as you would do with regular darts. Three points for the inner ring, one point for the outer ring, and then an extra point for getting the dart closest to the target rings. As you can see, it is an easy game to play. With a good throwing arm and aiming, you should start having fun playing the game.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is a nice indoor classic game that you should consider playing more often. However, we are talking of a list of outdoor games for adults. Well, the same company that brought us Jenga now offers Giant Jenga. It is just the normal Jenga game, but on a larger scale.

The players will take turns to make a tower of wooden blocks. You will also have to remove one block from below to replace it at the top. You need to be careful not to topple the whole tower.

The game is perfect for parties. It does require patience. The last thing you want is to topple the tower and start all over again. It is easy to see that it would also need a gentle hand. It is not just a game for adults. It can still be played with kids.


This game is a modern take of the classic Cornhole game. You will get target buckets placed at least 12 feet apart depending on the skill level. You will have to stand behind the buckets and throw the hacky sacks towards the next bucket.

For such a game, you will have to be good at aiming. Depending on the distance from the next bucket, you can get three, two, or one point.

Considering its design, we find the game being ideal for parties and can still be great for people of all ages. There are different modes to choose from. As such, it is a good game for people of all skill levels to have fun playing the game.

Kubb Game
Photo credit: Crown Darts

The game is played using small wooden kubbs and it can be quite fun. We had to consider it for our list of outdoor games for adults because of the fun you will get playing it today. The players will have to get themselves into teams or at least two to make it better. The court size can be any size that you want.

The aim while playing the game is to knock down the King Kubb. We find it being great for parties since there will be many people to play the game. Since it involves throwing the kubbs, having a good arm for precision can help the team win the game.

Final Thoughts

If you were in the market for outdoor games for adults, then you now have an idea where to start. All the games we have mentioned above are fun and will be awesome to enjoy with a group of friends. It is best to take the time to find out the best game that would be ideal for your particular needs. The next time you are holding a party, then you know which games to use to make the time enjoyable.