Official Dartboard Height and Distance – Expert Tips!

One of the most important aspects in playing the game of darts is the dartboard measurement setup. 

Of course, many you don’t want to learn the game after a few months of practice. Which you will only feel the ease of playing a good game. For sure you will find out that the; distance or the height of your dartboard was wrong since from the very beginning. 

So, it is important to know the exact height and distance of your dartboard. 

Here, we will try to help you find out the official dartboard height and distance. So, check it out below! 

Official dartboard height and distance

Dartboard Measurements  

The standard official worldwide dartboard is also called as the “clock” load up. The standard dartboard measurement is 18 crawls in width and has 20 numbered; pie-molded fragments of equivalent size. In addition to the bull’s-eye. Each numbered section has a twofold ring outwardly border of the scoring area. An inside the triple ring which considers twofold and triple of that number separately. The bull’s-eye has an outer bull region. Additionally, known as the single bull, which scores 25 and an internal bull otherwise called a twofold bull’s-eye, which scores 50).  

Dartboard Height  

These are also known as the ‘’center of the bull to the ground’’. Measurement of the dartboard stature to quantify; 5 Feet 8 Inches (173 cm) from the focal point of the dartboard. (the focal point of the bull) To the ground. The dartboard height can also be estimated as 68 inches or 1.73 meters.  

Dartboard Ground Distance  

It is also known as the ‘’ground to the oche’’. The measurement of the dartboard tossing separation to gauge 7 Feet 9 and a quarter-inch (237 cm) from the FRONT of the dartboard to the FRONT of the OCHE (Throwing Line). The tossing separation can likewise be gauging as 93.25 inches or 2.37 meters.  

Dartboard Center Distance  

This is also known as the ‘’center of bull to the oche’’. After your dartboard has totally been arrangement, it is a smart thought to quantify the good ways from the focal point of the bull to the oche toe line/tossing line to make 100% sure all estimations are right. On the off chance that this separation demonstrates to be 9 Feet 7 and a half inch (293 cm). At that point you realize your dartboard was arrangement effectively. The good ways from the focal point of the bull to the tossing line can likewise be estimated as 115.35 Inches or 2.93 meter. 

Official dartboard height and distance

Equipment Needed: 

The hardware expected to play darts is as per the following:  

  • A decent dartboard  
  • Lot of three darts, either delicate tipped or steel-tipped. 
  • A protected, sufficiently bright spot to play.  
Official dartboard height and distance

Electronic Dartboards; Official Height and Distance  

Electronic dartboards are a genuinely late expansion to the Darts business, being fairly well known here in the States, which is the place they were first imagined.  

The electronic dartboard has a somewhat bigger scoring zone contrasted with a fiber dartboard; this makes it marginally simpler for a player to score. Hence, players who are utilized to bristle dartboards will think that it’s simple to score focuses on the electronic board.  

In any case, delicate tip darts are a genuinely ongoing creation. They were created in 1975, by Rudy Allison, an American, after he saw heaps of postponement achieved by dart scoring. The upside of an electronic dartboard is that they keep scores consequently, which enables spare to time when playing alone or with companions.  

Something different that is intriguing about electronic dartboards is that you’re ready to play against players in another nation, from the solace of your own home. Basically, they resemble computer games, just that the entire experience is constant.  

The Electronic Dartboard Height  

Electronic sheets have indistinguishable estimations from steel tip sheets. The dartboard’s tallness is the equivalent at 5ft 8in, or 173cm from the floor to the focal point of the board.  

Electronic Dartboard Distance  

There is a slight contrast with regards to tossing separation, as it was expanded to 244cm, from 237cm, which brought hurling separation to 8ft.  

Dart Board Regulations  

Dart Board Height: 

As mention above it is 5 feet. 8 crawls from floor to the focal point of the bull’s-eye.  

Good ways from front of the dartboard to the tossing line:  

  • Steel Tip: 7 feet 9 1/4 inches,  
  • Soft Tip: 8 feet 0 inches.  

To check the toss line a basic bit of tape will do the trick. Significant competitions, in any case, utilize a “hockey” which is a flimsy raised segment of wood roughly 1/2 inches high.  

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Since darts regularly skip out of the dartboard, never put a dartboard up close to windows or breakables or where anybody could stroll between the throwline and the dartboard.  

Likewise, in the event that you have a hard floor, for example, cement or wood, you might need to consider getting a dart tangle.  

The dart scoreboard ought to be mounted to left or the privilege of the dart board for simple access.  

Official dartboard height and distance

Fundamental Rules:  

In a round of 501 the article is for one player or a group to be the first to arrive at zero from beginning aggregate of 501.  

In basic terms, after three darts are tossed, the tossing player takes away the all-out scored from his present aggregate until he arrives at zero.  

So as to arrive at zero every player must wrap up by tossing a twofold for example on the off chance that player one has 36 residual he should hit twofold 18 to win, while if player two has 45 outstanding he should hit single 5, twofold 20 to win or an another mix of scores gave the last dart scores on a twofold.  

Legs and Sets:  

Games being played in the Legs arrangement can be played to a ‘Best of’ position whereby a player or group winning six legs in a ‘Best of 11 Leg’ game dominates the match.  

Most PDC occasions are played in a Legs group.  

Different competitions will be played in Sets group, whereby players must win a Set by winning the Best of Five legs, before asserting the match in the best sets of the ff;  

  • Three 
  • Five  
  • Seven 
  • Nine, 
  • 11 
  • 13 

The PDC World Championship and World Grand Prix are played using the Set configuration, with contrasting lengths of games at every competition.  

Twofold Start Format:  

A few forms of the game require a ‘twofold beginning’ whereby players must start the game with a twofold just as ‘looking at’ on a twofold. The World Grand Prix utilizes the ‘twofold in, twofold out’ rule.  

Official dartboard height and distance

The Dartboard Dictates the Rules  

Putting aside hypothesis, a touch of reasonableness is significant here. With the sole special case of an impairment dart, which impacts a player’s good ways from the dartboard, through loads of reading on dartboard distance and height. 

As dartboard rules in regards to the suitable tallness and separation referenced above apply to a fiber steel tip dartboard as it’s commonly the most widely recognized in all darts associations including the American Darts Organization, the Britsh Darts Organization.  

However, remember, contingent upon the plenty of dartboard, you pick there are an alternate measurement of estimations you should comply with.  

For example, the soft tip darts network records their toss separation as 8 feet from the substance of an electronic dartboard. This figure changes a little from that of a conventional fiber dartboard. Along these lines, estimations not just change concerning sort of darts and individual dartboards, yet with culture too.  

As Belgium changed their dartboard configuration to streamline the experience players have when tossing darts. Also called ‘Vogelpiks’.  

In the States, there are dartboards regularly known as American style dartboards that carry a new plan to dartboards. These have novel estimations also.  

Dartboard Setup Tips  

  • Measure your dartboard in a sheltered and secure region that is wide enough for individuals to remain around while holding back to play. A territory with at any rate a meter on the two sides of the dartboard ought to be wide and safe enough to keep anybody from getting injured if any darts should bob out.  
  • The area need to ideally have a rug or wooden floor. Tile floors, concrete or anything comparable will harm the darts that skip out. It is a smart thought to put a dart tangle straightforwardly underneath the dartboard on a story. A dart tangle will secure your darts and will spare you an opportunity to introduce an oche throwing-line. Since dart mats are totally set apart for this reason else any ordinary bit of rug will do.  
  • Area must be sufficiently bright or contain/have the option to hold the important apparatuses to give satisfactory lighting to the dartboard.  
  • It is a good idea to put the dartboard in a dartboard bureau. A bureau will ensure the divider and will spare you an opportunity to set up scoreboard/s.  
  • In case that a dartboard bureau isn’t utilized, erect a scoreboard on one or the two sides of the dartboard, where it is simple noticeable.  
  • A dartboard bureau isn’t utilized, it is a smart thought to put a wooden board or an insurance behind the dartboard to ensure your darts and the divider should somebody miss while tossing at the dartboard.  
  • Ensure that all dartboard arrangement estimations are 100% precisely. When you get use to the tossing distance and height. You can quickly feel it in case that another person’s estimations are not the equivalent and it will impact your tossing and bad habit refrain. 

Setting Up Your Dartboard Correctly 

Here’s a way on how to set up your dartboard: 

Disc Mount Hanging Kit 

The other choice that you can attempt when mounting your dartboard is a circle mount hanging unit. The packs accompany two dainties, yet strong mounting pieces. There is a circle, which you will screw right on target at the rear of your board, in addition to wide U-molded sections that are in a bad way onto the divider or sponsorship surface.  

The circle style mounting unit disposes of that requirement for spring cuts. Width of sections and plates keep your board flush, secure and level. Some section clients have detailed that it’s significantly simpler to situate the board perfectly focused utilizing this technique.  

In case that your old dartboard get together needs to have its hanging unit supplanted, it would bode well to go for the most present-day hanging pack. U-formed sections have screw gaps that you need to quantify to the right stature of 5ft 8inches. 

Shaped Metal Brackets 

At the point when you purchase a dartboard, it accompanies fundamental metal holders. In the bundle, you will locate a middle screw, a U-molded draping section just as three spring cuts that you will use to level the dartboard on the sponsorship surface or divider.  

The inside screw is fixed onto the rear of your dartboard flawlessly focused. The spring cuts come straightaway and they are scattered once you introduce them at the rear of the dartboard. There’s no particular area where you ought to introduce the spring cuts. Simply make certain to introduce them equally over the rear of your board. In spite of the fact that we’d propose a triangular development.  

The U-sections are then screwed onto the divider or the support surface. Measure out your section with the goal that the U-space’s base is situated around 5 feet and 8 crawls over the floor level. This is the area the screws that go into the rear of your board, sit. You need to guarantee the focal point of your board sits at this exact stature.  

From there on, basically slide your dartboard with the goal that the screws fit into the U-formed space. The dartboard ought to sit cozily on your support with practically no development by any stretch of the imagination. In the event that there is some development, fix your middle screw onto the board and slide it back onto its sections. Fix the screws with the perfect measure of torque so your board doesn’t turn. 

Dartboard Backing Cabinet and Surface 

Most darts players frequently go for cupboards as the most far reaching answer for support. You can make cupboards yourself from various materials. Be that as it may, generally they are made out of wood, for example is the; Rosewood or Oak. Because of their usefulness and style.  

Dart scoreboards and holders are typically mounted on the bureau side entryways. A few cupboards which highlight worked in lighting, though some fresher models even have electronic or LCD shows that you can use to keep track of who’s winning. 


One of the must certain meet requirements in the dartboard is the distance and the height. 

However, these measurements might seem not important if you are setting up your own dartboard in your home; but if your board will be used in a playing competition. 

For sure you will want to make sure that your measurements will be properly and correctly lineup. 

Therefore, we recommend that make sure to do it right from the very beginning!