The Best Cheap Poker Tables for 2020

There is nothing better than catching up with some friends on a Saturday night drinking your favorite beer while food while playing an exciting game of poker. There are plenty of reasons as to why poker is one of the most enjoyable games of all time. Some of the many reasons are the pressure, tension, emotional excitement, and ambiance. These factors make playing at a poker table way different than playing at a regular table. If you do not want to ruin the atmosphere or if you want to level up your poker gaming experience, there are always the best cheap poker tables for sale available in the market. These poker tables make you feel like you are playing in a classic poker arena.

Since there are many poker tables being sold in the market, it can be hard to choose which one to buy. Do not worry, you are in the right place. In this article, we conducted a review of the three best cheap poker tables for sale.

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Important Factors to Consider when Buying Cheap Poker Tables

Buying a poker table is not the same with buying a table for your room or dining area. You have to consider factor like the room where you will place the poker table, how much space do you have, will you use that room for other activities, and the part of the room that the table will occupy. Aside from this, other important factors are your budget, number of poker players, how frequent you will play, to name a few.

To further understand the importance of these factors, just keep on reading.

1.The Vacant Space for your Cheap Poker Tables

When buying a poker table for your home, it is important to take the available space into proper consideration. Make sure that the room is spacious enough for the table. Also, measure the area where you will situate your table. More so, it is better to consider other appliances and furniture in the area. If possible, place the table where it is far away from the appliances to avoid possible accidents in case the game becomes too exciting.

Make sure you and other players can still roam freely once you situate your poker table. In addition to that, whether you are planning to buy a large or small poker table, take the space that the chairs will inhabit. It should not be too large and not be too small. Once you gathered all the important details about the area, the process of looking for the best cheap poker table for your home is easier.

2. Your style in playing poker

Determining how you and your friends play poker is important in the process of looking for a poker table. Not all poker tables are created in the same style. Each table is designed to cater to the style of the players.

Moreover, some of them are created for 7-card stud while others are designed as a Texas Holdem Poker Table. If you happen to play different styles of poker, there are also table where you can play any style you want. Which style do you use? Choose first and then decided on what type of table you will buy. You might think that this process is not necessary when looking for the best table. But trust us, it is better to finalize your personal preferences than regret anything in the end. After all, very few poker tables come at a low price. If you do not want to waste your money, consider these factors.

3. The Material for your den table

When buying poker table, people tend to look those products that are made of glass. This is to use it as a dining table. Although looking for a multi-functional poker table can be practical, a glass material might be too formal. Also, most poker tables that are made from glass does not come with great features.

We recommend that you look for poker tables that are made from wood. You will be surprised of the various choices it offers. Wooden tables come in different shapes and designs depending on the pokers style as well as the number of players. Some tables come with central pedestal designs and some with portable legs. Aside from that, wooden tables also come in square, round, oblong, and other shapes.

Regardless of it style and shape, what makes a wooden poker table preferable is how it can accommodate at most six players. Apart from that, some tables are flat, making it suitable for drinks such as wine. This will upgrade your poker gaming experience with your friends.

4. How Frequent Do you Play Poker?

If you want to buy a poker table so that there is a specific place in your house where you and your friends can hang out once in a while, then you a table poker may not the best choice. A poker table topper is enough if you are just gonna play very often. It is cheaper and easy to use. You just have to glide it over the table that you already own. It is easy to set up and fold. But if you play poker once or twice a week, then you must look for the best cheap poker tables for sale if you do not want to play poker on an unstable table. Also, having your own poker table makes you prepared to host a group of poker lovers

5. How Many Poker Players?

As mentioned in the earlier part of this article, it is crucial to consider the size of your poker squad when buying a poker table. If you group is comprised of at most eight players, then one table is enough. Think twice if your group consists of more than ten members because you then have to look for a more spacious area to place your two poker tables.

It is so much fun to conduct a multi-table poker competition but you have to consider the cost. If your goal to host poker tournaments and you have enough space in your home, then buy the number of tables that you think will suit in your space.

6. Are you thinking of possible extras?

Lastly is it okay if the members sit in some battered chair, or is the comfort one of your priorities? Remember, the excitement of playing poker must not be ruined by a chair. Make sure that the poker table comes with chairs that have superior quality. Or you can always buy separate chairs that are made with quality materials and at the same time will match the ambiance of the room.

If you are eager to protect your table, buy one that is dust and debris proof. Even if you end up buying a poker table that attracts dust, you can always buy a poker table cover. It costs you a few bucks it is worth every penny. That being said, go ahead and do not hesitate to buy your ideal poker table. Even if you end up buying a premium, it will not disappoint.

7. Poker tables with drink holders

When playing poker with your friends it is almost impossible to forget about the drinks because it spices up the game. If you do not want your poker table to get spilled by the players’ drinks, you can either buy cheap poker tables for sale that come with cup holders or you can personalize your own cup holders. You can choose a drink holder that can be shared. With that, 3-4 cup holders for a group of 8 is enough. To make sure that there will not be any spillages, the cup holders must be three inches deep.


OUR TOP PICK: Barrington Poker Table

Product Name: Barrington Poker Table

Product Description: Choose from different styles with this poker table and padded rails and cup holders. Perfect for a large group of poker gang, this table can accommodate at most 10 players. This durable card game table is perfect for poker lovers who love playing for longer hours. Feel like a professional poker player with the traditional poker appointments. You and the other players' arms can rest on the padded edge without feeling uncomfortable. Also, no need to deprive your guests of refreshment because this table comes with 10 cup holders. Very easy to assemble and compact. Bring this table at your friend's house for a one of a kind poker experience.

Availability: InStock

  • Portability
  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Comfort


The dimensions of this portable poker table are 84″L x 42″W x 30″H. The size is ideal for any type of poker night. No hassle assembly needed. Ready to play anywhere you are. The tabletop is made with durable plywood for long term use. 

No need to deprive the players with refreshments as this poker table comes with a built-in steel cup holders to keep your drinks steady. For extra stability, the legs are made of strong metals. Buy this fully pre-assembled 10 player poker table and enjoy its premium features. 


Easy to assemble

Portable and easy to store

Made with superior quality materials 

Elegant and modern upgrades



none so far



GIANTEX Poker Table

The Best Cheap Poker Tables for 2020

Product description: Aside from Barrington’s Poker Table, this product from Giantex is made of heavy duty design for durable use. The metal frame provides high load bearing ability and its non slip pads improve stability. The close connected top and frame ensures long term use.

Another great thing about this product is that it is more convenient because it is foldable. If you and your friends want to change the venue of your poker, you can easily carry this poker table from one place to another. It also fits a car. You would want to buy this table it also comes with 7 cup holders. No need to worry about possible spillage and you can drink whatever you want to. More so, there is a tray in the middle of the table to make the surface of the table look tidy and clean.

Its design will exceed your expectations. Not only it is foldable and comes with cup holders and trays, its edge is also padded, providing extreme comfort for your hand.

Playing poker in this table will make you feel like a professional gamer. It has printed professional blackjack poker layout on its surface that features areas where you must put the cards. This is beneficial to those who have green hands. This table is very easy to clean as it is made with polyester and PVC.


The overall dimension of this product is 72″ x 35.8” x 29.5” and its net weight is 2 lbs. The materials are comprised of steel, polyester fabric, PVC + PP, making it durable and suitable for long term use. Moreover, the top of this poker table is made from MDF board, that can also provide extra support for heavy chips or body press at the same time.


This casino-style 7 player poker table is perfect for entertainment and tournament. The poker tables come with cup holders, chip tray, folding joint, and reinforced bar. Also, the premium padded surface has the high standard print for blackjack and it is equipped with a softly padded armrest that provides players extra comfort to their arms and hand for long-time gaming.

  • Comes with 7 cup holders
  • Foldable
  • Has a chip tray in the middle of the table
  • Can only fit up to 7 players


ESPN 10 Player Poker Table

The Best Cheap Poker Tables for 2020

Product description: Last but definitely not the least, this poker table will give you a different kind of poker experience. It can accommodate up to ten players. With this table, none of your friends will feel left out for not being able to play with the gang. It is large enough to accommodate huge gang.

Also, it is a great value for money. It comes with cup holders that are made from steel for long term use. Unlike the regular poker tables, its oversized table apron is 2 inch wider.

Providing you with ultimate comfort is their utmost priority. During long games, there are padded armrest that will support your arms. No more excuses to stop and game.


The 1 1/8 diameter steel legs of this ESPN 10 Player Poker Table are strengthened with welded steel brackets. In addition to that, the strengthened 5/8 inch thick play surface is made with superior quality padding for added comfort.


Confidently host a poker game at your house with this cheap poker tables for sale that can accommodate 10 players. Invite your friends and play for long hours without feeling uncomfortable because the surface and edge of the table is made with premium padding. Not only that, no need for a source of light in case you are in a slightly dim place. This premium poker table comes with LED lights to add excitement to the game. If you want to play poker at your friend’s party, this table can easily be folded.

  • Can accommodate up to 10 players
  • Made with durable steel
  • Foldable
  • Might be too heavy and too large even when folded

Final Words

Playing poker is one of the best ways to bond with your friends and loved ones because of the excitement, pressure, and ability to exercise your mind. Buying a cheap poker table for sale is one way to level up your poker gaming experience. For a table made in high-quality materials that come at an affordable price, we recommend the Barrington Poker Table. Aside from this, we also recommend Giantex Folding Poker Table, ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker Table, and also the Trademark Texas Hold’em Poker Table Top. All of these products are made to heighten your poker experience.