VR Games with Bluetooth Controller for Android

With so many people using the Android operating system, it is easy to see what many developers would feel comfortable creating games for such an audience. Most game developers are now focusing on Virtual Reality (VR) gaming which gives you a realistic experience while gaming. For many, they have always felt that VR gaming is only good on larger devices. However, that has changed recently with more VR games for mobile devices now available. Today, we look at the VR games with Bluetooth controller for Android.

Benefits of VR Gaming

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Before we can look at the top options as games, let us first check out the benefits of VR gaming.

  • VR gaming gives you a realistic experience. If you have ever tried VR gaming then you under this feeling. You will feel that you are part of the gaming environment and thus the realistic experience. Let us say you want to kill zombies; it will become an immersive experience for you.
  • VR gaming can be good for burning calories. We all know that sitting the whole day might not be good for you. However, VR gaming will make you to become physically active. You will find yourself even sweating depending on how long you play the game.
  • The use of VR gaming can be good for overcoming phobias. This is because during VR gaming, you can come across some of your phobias that can seem real too. This includes heights, darkness, horror, and water. Considering you have to fight through these phobias to win the game, you will be motivated to keep going.
  • The VR gaming experience can boost your thinking capability. With VR gaming, you have to think and act fast on the spot. This will go on to help boost your intelligence when it comes to handling different situations with ease.
  • Stress reduction is another benefit of getting yourself a VR gaming headset. Whenever you play a game that makes you feel part of the environment, for a moment you forget about the stress triggers. No one wants to deal with anxiety caused by the real-life realities.

Top VR Games with Bluetooth Controller for Android

VR Traffic Racing In Car Driving

If you are into racing, then this is a nice option for you to consider getting. The best part is that the game is free. You simply have to download and get started on with racing. This game has multiple tracks that you can race on and see how far you can go into the game.

Many love this game for its brand-new VR technology. With this technology, you will end up with a 360-degree rotation to see all around you. You will always have a great time playing the game as it provides you with an immersive experience than before.

The high-quality sounds and beautiful music should be good enough to take you around the tracks with ease.

In Cell VR

This game combines both action and racing into one game. There is no doubt that many gamers would feel excited about playing such a game. It is not just about getting in and start racing, but rather coming up with a bit of strategy if you hope to get to the end of the game. The game also has a bit of science to make it even better than similar games.

If you have not used Carboard VR before, then this is a nice way to get started. This game is focused on VR so you can be sure it is going to be quite the experience. The best part is that you can switch off the VR mode off and play it normally. This should make it great for those who might want to switch from one mode to another.

We also find the game compatible with Master, Homido, Lakento, Archos, and other Cardboard similar headsets.

VR Karts: Sprint

The game comes from a top developer who has brought us some of the best games in the industry. It is why many would be comfortable getting the game today as they know it would be good. If you like to race karts, then this is a nice option. This game allows you to customize the kart and race against other competitors to become the winner.

The game is loved for its stunning tracks. They can be challenging and thus good for VR gaming. You will also end up collecting more power ups, use the weapons, and so much more in the virtual world.

VR Karts stands out for being fun and easily approachable. You can also customize it to the way you want. There is also an online multiplayer mode. The aim is to help you play with many other people and see who is better. With a wide range of weapons available, you can always use them to slow down the opponents.

VR Space Stalker

For the many VR games with Bluetooth controller for Android available, this is a nice option for you to get too. It comes with a free trial period where you can enjoy the various features of the game before deciding to upgrade to paid version or not. Considering it is well designed, you are likely to get the paid version. Even for the free version, there is so much to experience to make you love VR gaming even more.

Looking at the gaming experience, we find it having the best 360-degree freedom. You can always rotate up to 360 degrees to see around you and even play better. The detailed 3D graphics make the game even better. You will always feel immersed into the game and forget about any stress triggers.

The best thing about the game is that it is compatible with many VR glasses. As such, you would simply get a VR glass and get started on playing.

This game does not use up a lot of resources of your Android device. This should make it ideal for even those with devices that do not have the best gaming features. Go ahead and try it out to see how good it can be for you.

VR Space

If you are still looking for interesting VR games with Bluetooth controller for Android, then this is another top choice. For this game, it is all about science. This is because it will give you a reality tour of the planet systems. You will always like it for offering you the discovery of the solar system better than you have had before.

One thing that stands out for this game should be the stunning views of the VR space. The developer put in good work to make it as realistic as possible. Also, the developers included ambient music to keep you calm as go around in the virtual reality world.

The game works great with a cardboard headset device. You can now find it easy to download and start your VR journey.

VR Escape Horror

The VR Escape Horror game is another top option for VR games with Bluetooth controller for Android. The game is all about going into the VR world and facing all your phobias in one game. This is because it is set up in a haunted area. For many, they would have a great time dealing with the various obstacles to see if they come out as the best.

We would recommend this game mostly for adults as it contains mature content. The developers also recommend that you wear earphones while playing the game so as to get deep into the VR setting. The sound gives you the sense of being in the virtual world as it is made to have multiple channels during the output.

It should be a nice game to pass your afternoon and get the best experience of the VR world.

VR X-Racer Aero Racing Games

Racing games can be quite the fun thing to do. For this one, it does come with two modes for you to enjoy. These modes include hand mode and VR mode. When you do not have a VR headset, you can always opt for the hand mode. With thousands of positive reviews, you will download it knowing it can give you the best experience.

The good thing about the game is its multicolor themes. This should make it ideal for many who love multicolor themed games. The developers understand the importance of graphics. It is why you will enjoy playing the game which has well developed graphics and 360-degree rotation capability.

We can also say that the sound is good too. The sound will help you be immersed even more into the game better than some other games you might have tried before.

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

This is one of the best options for you get if you are looking for VR games with Bluetooth controller for android. The game is for those who might have a phobia of roller coasters. The game will help you calm your nerves and feel like you are on a real roller coaster.

This game allows you to design your own rollercoaster and then take a ride on it. You can always share such epic rides with other creators online through the multiplayer environment. All the rides get ranked and can be viewed by other creators.

The good thing about this game is its compatibility with Google Cardboard. It is why even those with cheap devices can still enjoy the game. With its multiple positive reviews, you would set it up knowing that it will end up giving you the best gaming experience.

VR Bike – Virtual Reality Race

Bike racing can also be awesome VR Games with Bluetooth controller for Android. For many, they will quickly identify it as the VR version of the sports bike championship 2016 game. Well, it is a nice bike racing simulator that will let you play and feel being part of the championship.

The fact that you can have a great time pushing yourself to the limit in this game, it should be reason enough to download it today. The best part is that you can also experience skidding while on tarmac and losing traction too. This kind of feeling is good enough to attract more people into getting to download such a game.

The best part about the game is that it is family friendly. This means that you can set it up for your kids too. With so many riding options available, it should easily stand out as a great bike game for you to get right now. The environment is well detailed for you to have a great time racing the bikes even better.

Skiing Adventure VR

Not all of us can get to a ski resort and enjoy skiing. It is why VR games with Bluetooth controller for Android can be an option for many. One of such games is the Skiing Adventure VR game. It is designed to provide you with a virtual reality skiing experience just as you would in real life. The game has various challenges you need to complete to become the champion.

Just as in real life, you can expect to experience high octane speed while skiing in the game. This game also has unforgiving terrain including dangerous obstacles that you have to pass before being crowned the champion in the end.

The developers have optimized this game controls so that you can have the best VR experience. You can also expect to experience extreme weather conditions that simulate exactly what happens during skiing. Full body movement awareness is important so that you can ski better in the virtual world too.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to VR games with Bluetooth controller for Android, we must say there are many options available. We could not cover all of them in this guide. You can always head over to Android playstore and check out a lot more games. Always look at the reviews to see what others claim about the gaming experience before downloading the game. Also, look at the compatibility options. It is always good to get a game with the best compatibility to make it easier to play the it with different headsets.