Which is Best Gaming Console for Fitness? 5 Top Options to Consider

The gaming consoles can do a lot more for you other than being a source of entertainment. It is why you need to get the best gaming console for fitness available right now. This type of gaming console will help you remain fit while at the same time enjoy the different games available.

It is common for people to associate obesity with siting the whole day playing video games. Well, you can change all that by using the best games for fitness. Each console will have multiple games that will easily help you break a sweat while playing. That is what we look at in this guide.

Below is a table with a summary of the best gaming consoles for fitness in the market right now.

Nintendo Switch 32GB
with JoyCon Controllers
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Xbox One
with Kinect
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PlayStation 4 Pro
1TB Console
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HTC Vive Virtual
Reality System
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Oculus Rift +
Touch Virtual Reality System
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How to Buy the Best Gaming Console for Fitness

Game compatibility

The most important consideration in this case should be the game compatibility. The last thing you want is to end up with a gaming console that does not support multiple games. Look at what the manufacturer recommends as the best games you can use with the console.

Even if it supports multiple games, look at those games to see which can be used for fitness. All the gaming consoles mentioned above have multiple games available that you can use for fitness.

Video quality

The video quality is important if you are going to enjoy the gaming experience. Anyone would want the console to have an HD output of the video. To make it better, newer consoles now have a 4K video output. This means that you can enjoy the gaming better than before with a high-quality video output.

It is worth noting that not all consoles might have the best output. It is why you might want to consider getting yourself the best unit after doing some research. Going through a couple of reviews can help a lot in getting the best gaming console for fitness.

Processing power and memory

The processing power and memory can determine the type of games that you can enjoy with the console. Some games can be demanding, so it is best if you can buy a console with an impressive processing power.

Look at the game requirements to see if they will match up to your needs for gaming on your console. Sometimes after checking out the various game requirements, you can buy the best console to live up to the needs of the game.


The connectivity that you get with a console is important to determine if it will be good for you or not. The connectivity varies from one console to another. Some of the connectivity options you should consider is if you can game online or do other live streaming options. Go ahead and look at its multiple features to see if connectivity is offered.

Ease of set up

Setting up is good only if you have an easy to set up console. Luckily, all the models we have mentioned in the guide below are easy to set up. The manufacturer also provides you with clear instructions to help you with the set-up process. Within a couple of minutes, you should have the console ready for using.

Storage space

The storage space can often determine the number of games you can save on a console. Depending on the console, some will have a storage space of 32GB while others 1TB. So, depending on your needs for gaming, it should be easy to pick the best gaming console for fitness. Always choose a model with more storage space so that you can store many more games.

5 Best Gaming Consoles for Fitness

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Nintendo Switch 32GB with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy Con Controllers

Product Name: Nintendo Switch 32GB with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy Con Controllers

Product Description: Nintendo Switch has always been a ground-breaking console that many would want to own. Ever since its first release, it has attracted quite a following of people who find it the best gaming console. One thing that stands out for this unit should be its internal battery life. It can be anywhere from 4.5 to 9 hours depending the game you might be playing. Also, the processing dependency can influence the battery life. Nevertheless, it is easy to see why many people would enjoy using it before recharging it. Having 32GB of memory can go a long way to set up new games easily. You can also save other for future installs. If you want more memory, then you can purchase a micro SD card. We all know that this is a highly portable device. You can easily take it around with you to different places to enjoy gaming whenever you want. Its graphics are 720p, but it can be boosted to 900p when docked and the output is on TV. Such a resolution is impressive for a handheld gaming console. The controllers are easily removable depending on the gaming modes that you want to play. You can always customize it to suit your needs.

Availability: InStock

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Compatibility
  • Portability


Nintendo Switch is what you need when looking for the best gaming console for fitness. Its handheld design makes it easy for portability. It can also be connected to a TV if you want better resolution. The games you can use for fitness on the console include Ring Fit Adventure, Just Dance 2020, and Fitness Boxing. For its many game compatibility, you can be sure to find many other games to use for fitness with this console.


✔️Impressive battery life

✔️Portability is the best

✔️Compatible with many fitness games


❌4K video quality is not yet available

Runner’s Up

Xbox One with Kinect

This is another top choice as the best gaming console for fitness money can buy right now. Ever since its release in 2013, it has remained one of the best-selling consoles in the market. It comes with several features that make it a good gaming console. Since it can allow multiple games to be played on it, you can find it as an ideal choice for a fitness gaming console.

The current generation of Xbox One comes with better features than before. This includes having 4K graphics, 4K streaming, and better compatibility with multiple games. There is no doubt you would want such a model. It uses the High Dynamic Technology that will make the graphics sharper, richer, and more luminous.

Another thing that makes Xbox One popular should be its backward compatibility. It can easily work with different games to make you have a nice time gaming than before.

Some of the top choices you will get to game for fitness on the Xbox One console include games such as Shape Up, Zumba Fitness World Party, Microsoft Kinect Sports Rivals, and more. With all these games available, you should go ahead and have some fun while at it.

The Kinect is also an important addition. It allows for you to split the gaming screen so that different people can use the same gaming console. Such versatility is what you want with most gaming consoles.

  • Setting up is easy
  • It supports multiple fitness games
  • The 4K graphics capability makes it better
  • The controller’s battery capacity could be better

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

There is a reason why PS4 is one of the most bought gaming consoles in the world. This is because it is just amazing. It is why you can also use it as the best gaming console for fitness. It will live up to your needs for the best graphics output and game compatibility.

Using the HDR technology makes it good in terms of display. It is amazing how you can get vibrant and lifelike range of colors with this console. Also, the 4K video output capability makes it even better. Even if you are gaming online, you still enjoy the 4K quality better than before.

The unit also comes with a greater draw distance. This type of feature is meant to improve the visibility of the objects further in the background. You can now game better with all the detail that comes with such an output.

The PS4 should be one of the most connected consoles you can buy right now. This is because it allows for online gaming, live streaming, remote play, connecting with friends, and more. It is why now more people are waiting for the release of the next PS5 console as they know Sony always lives up to their gaming needs.

  • Impressive game compatibility
  • It is the most connected gaming console
  • Impressive video output
  • The console is bulky

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

Anyone who is in the market for a gaming console should consider using this as the best gaming console for fitness. It is always nice to try out virtual reality gaming to see how different it can be to the traditional gaming consoles.

To use it effectively, the recommended play area is 11’5” x 11’5”. This should give you enough room to do all your fitness depending on the game that you choose. It has the Steam VR Tracking feature that will help make the experience better than other consoles.

We find it being fully immersive thanks to the realistic movement and actions being precise. Also, having the 360-degree controller and headset tracking will improve the overall experience. The best part is that it comes with realistic graphics, HD haptic feedback, and directional audio.

Since it is powered by Steam VR, you get access to over 1500 games. You can easily see that it should not be hard to find an intense game for fitness right now.

There is a Chaperone system that comes with the unit that makes it good for playing safely in an area. This is because it warns you whenever you reach the boundaries of the play area.

  • It offers an impressive VR experience
  • It comes with a flexible play area
  • The unit is fully immersive
  • It is an expensive unit

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

This is another best gaming console for fitness with VR capability. You can use it knowing that it is good to enjoy the virtual reality world. Many find it being the next level of PC gaming as it helps you feel as if you are part of the game.

The console is also built for adventure. This is because you can duck, turn, move, and do many other moves while in the VR world. It also allows you to explore the new worlds thanks to the multiple games available. Having an adjustable headset should allow you to find the most comfortable position that suits you better.

Another thing that stands out should be the lifelike controls. These controls can be grabbed with both hands to make enjoying the game even better. You will also note that the same controllers can be used for combat, artwork, and different activities. This should make it a nice choice for many.

So, what are some of the options when it comes to gaming for fitness? Well, the unit is compatible with games such as Box VR, Knockout League, Beat Saber, Sparc, Superhot VR, and Sword Mast VR. All these games will help you break a sweat while playing.

  • It is easily compatible with many games
  • Impressive performance for its size
  • The memory and processing power are good
  • Poor customer service


Can you workout when gaming on a console?

Yes. It depends on the game that you are playing. There are games that involve dancing, which can help you sweat in minutes of playing. As such, they can be good for fitness.

What are some of the best fitness games to play?

Some of the games you can use for fitness include Box VR, Zumba: Burn it Up, Just Dance, Fitness Boxing, Ring Fit Adventure, and more.

Are gaming consoles for fitness expensive?

The price will often vary from one console to another. You can be sure to get affordable consoles and expensive consoles. It comes down to performance preferences.


As you can see from the guide above, it is possible to end up having a workout right in your home. It comes down to the type of the best gaming console for fitness and games that you choose. With the best game choice, you can be sweating and burning calories in no time. The guide above has all the best consoles you can buy. Go ahead and pick the one you feel is right for you to workout better.